Building a basic wardrobe

A basic entry level wardrobe would probably consist of the following:

  1. Dress shirts minimum six
  2. Other shirts (short sleeve, t-shirts, etc.) minimum four
  3. For office wear two shoes, one black and one brown, both with laces. You will also need walking shoes, sandals, etc.
  4. Two belts, one black and one brown, leather or synthetic leather.
  5. For ties. Solid colors/stripes/polka dots/geometric patterns/paisley. Never wear novelty ties to the office.
  6. Office Trousers, minimum six. Black, blue, brown, charcoal, hunter green, etc.
  7. Jeans/Chinos for informal wear, minimum three.
  8. Six underwear and six vests. I recommend wearing vests under the shirt. It keeps the shirt fresh longer and also extends the life of the shirt.
  9. Socks minimum six, colors matching with trousers.
  10. Black and brown shoe cream and polish, two shoe brushes, etc., for cleaning shoes.
  11. Two suits; Navy and charcoal. Wear brown shoes with navy suit and either color with charcoal (black is preferred).
  12. A black or brown sunglass/shade.
  13. An iron and ironing board. Must know how to iron and wash your own clothes. Laundry cleaning is an option but re-iron before wearing.
  14. A simple watch and mobile phone of choice.
  15. Deodorants of choice
  16. You will also need other things like Payjama/Punjabi, things you wear when sleeping, exercising, etc.

That’s it. The above is a complete basic wardrobe.

Once you have a basic wardrobe, you will gradually start building and improving your wardrobe and before you know it, you will own a wardrobe that you will be proud of. If you follow my guide, you will not make mistakes as I did and wasted a lot of money (but learned the hard way).

To grow your wardrobe, follow the guidelines provided in this blog.

2. A distinction between Fashion and Style

Fashion is a trend and this trend changes frequently—often every year.  Sometimes a fashion may linger for a few years and gradually change to something else.

Style is a personal adaptation of fashion. Style is individualistic while fashion is generic.

If you want to know more about the difference, just Google this, “difference between style and fashion.”