What to wear for different male body types

 Basically, there are three body types: Endomorph, Mesomorph, and Ectomorph, as shown below:

 What type of clothing suits you depend on your body type.


  An ectomorph is typically skinny with small joints and lean muscle.What to wear for Ectomorphs:

If you are an ectomorph, you are thin and tall, and your problem is that you look thin and therefore whatever you wear should make you look a little bit more bulky than what you really are. You should also avoid any clothing that makes you look even thinner.

  • Don’t wear jackets with thin lapels. Your Jackets should have a fuller lapel. The side pockets of the jacket should have flaps and may also add a ticket pocket. The shoulders should be padded that makes the shoulder look substantial. It will give the illusion of broader shoulders and a fuller chest and back.
  • Avoid too narrow dress pants. Go with regular width dress pants. Pants should be pleated and cuffed to add volume to your body. Wear belts.
  • Wear horizontal stripes. Avoid vertical stripes that make you look taller and thinner.
  • Wear French cuffs shirts to add interest and bulk.
  • Avoid heavy shoes. They’ll make your legs look even thinner.
  • Wear medium width neckties.
  • Wear a pocket square
  • Pants do not have to break over the shoe instep for a tall man, or be tapered or as
    high in the rise as with the shorter man, but rather should be cut fuller in the leg.


  A mesomorph is a person with a large bone structure, large muscles and looks athletic.Mesomorphs may be tall or of medium height. Mesomorphs have shoulders wider than their hips and/or they may have a small waist.

What to Wear for Mesomorphs:

  • Wear straight cut or wider leg pants (or boot cut jeans)
  • Wear shirts and jackets that are wider at the shoulders but hug your waist
  • Wear pinstriped suits and trousers
  • Dark colors and tones are advisable.
  • Hip or mid-thigh length jackets are good.
  • Patterns should be small and muted.
  • Avoid baggy clothing


  An endomorph has a solid and generally soft body. Gaining weight is easy and losing weight is hard. Most weight gained is fat.Endomorphs have hips and shoulders and there is very little or no indentation at the waist.

What to wear for Endomorphs:

  • Do not wear skin tight clothing
  • De-emphasize the top-heavy figure by wearing simple, uncluttered styling for shirts and jackets.
  • Wear items that are tailored to your body shape, but not tight or overly loose.
  • Wear jackets with shoulder pads to create long lean lines.
  • Wear vertical lines, and avoid horizontal patterns
  • Single color or tones of a single-color family are good.
  • Wear medium solid prints rather than large, splashy prints
  • Don’t wear contrasting bold colors
  • Avoid front-pleated trousers.
  • Pants should be trim, but not binding. The legs should taper slightly. If the fabric
    around the thigh measures 30″, the knee would be about 26″ and the bottom, 20″.
    There should be no pocket flaps, heavy belts or ornate buckles.
  • A double-breasted jacket, surprisingly enough, can be fitted on a heavier man,
    with style. This type of jacket has an asymmetrical line that distracts the eye away from the center of the torso.

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