What I am wearing today (29 February 2012)

Today I am wearing a linen suit, a cotton purple/white gingham shirt, a silk striped tie in black/green/yellow stripe, a purple silk pocket square, and spectator (AKA correspondent) shoes. Today I am also wearing another vintage watch named “Camy.” When we were growing up in the 60’s, Camy was a popular watch brand. Though I don’t exactly remember which was my very first watch, yet I am certain that it was either a Camy or a “West End” brand. Today’s watch is from 1968. Today, however, there is no watch brand called Camy as the company went extinct after the quartz onslaught.

In the above photograph you can clearly see the texture of the linen suit in detail. Speaking of texture, this is something you can use to your advantage in configuring an ensemble. For example, while using a monochromatic theme, you can use different textures to add depth to your ensemble.

The above photo shows the watch in detail. I don’t find this watch particularly attractive as I don’t find the retro look pleasing to the eye. Maybe my liking for minimalist designs makes me dislike this large multifunctional timekeeper.

Details of the spectator shoes.

One thought on “What I am wearing today (29 February 2012)

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