Proper tipping etiquette in a restaurant:

If you are travelling to the USA or Europe, consider the following tipping etiquettes. For other countries, ask the local hosts.

At a restaurant, always leave a tip. Tips can vary from 15% to 25%.

Waiter: 15% to 20% of the bill; 25% for extraordinary service

Wine steward: 15% of wine bill

Bartender: 10% to 15% of bar bill

Coat check: $1.00 per coat

Car attendant: $2.00 to $5.00
Remember that the amount you tip reflects the total price before any coupons, gift certificates, etc. Just because you get a discount, does not mean that your server did not serve up the full order.

If the owner of the restaurant serves you himself, you should still tip him. He will divide the tip among those who work in the kitchen and dining room.

Source: United States Etiquette Guide


One thought on “Proper tipping etiquette in a restaurant:

  1. i would disagree that a tip is obligatory, unfortunately the Americans view this otherwise as they complain that servers do not earn a decent wage so count on tips to survive. My suggestion would be to increase their wages, not put the onus on the customer to fill the gap.
    As both a seasoned traveler and someone who has run restaurants and hotels I am of the view that the customer makes the decision to tip entirely on their own, based on the merits of service on the day. Staff should be aiming for the highest tip possible, excellent service and a smile will achieve this.
    Also, if you do tip, there is no need to vary depending on who served you, most tips are centrally collected and disbursed by management these days in any case.
    Kind regards!

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