Tall men’s guide to style

In the Bangladeshi context, one can be considered tall is he is at least 6 feet tall.

  1. The problem of tall men is to look normal instead of looking like a giant. He should wear clothes that are proportional and deemphasize his tall stature.
  2. Check or windowpane suiting is the best options for tall men. The horizontal lines of the windowpane makes person look shorted than they really are.
  3. A tell person can wear solids, stripes, or checks. Stripes that are thicker are preferable over thinner stripes (like chalk-stripes over pinstripes)
  4. Add a ticket pocket to the jacket
  5. Your lapels need to be bigger, to be proportional to your height
  6. Larger trouser cuffs (consider 1.75 inch)
  7. Longer jacket length, to make your legs look shorter and more proportional
  8. Use TV fold pocket squares (to break continuous lines)
  9. Make sure your clothing fits you perfectly

10. Tall men has less of a challenge when dressing. If someone is too tall, (6’4” or over), finding the right readymade outfit may be a challenge.

11. A tall man looks good even with incompatible outfits because of the credit most societies attach to tall individuals.



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