What I am wearing today (13 March 2012)

Today I am wearing my navy double-breasted blazer with ash gray trousers.

Today I am wearing a patterned (printed) pocket square as shown below.

Today’s shoes are black oxford brogues (also known as wingtips). Though “brouging” make shoes less formal, yet I love the ornamentation of brogues. I seldom hesitate to wear a brogues with any suit.

I prefer to wear suspenders with my suits but occasionally I wear belts. Below is the belt I am wearing today.

Today’s blazer buttons.

If you read my blog, you have seen today’s watch–it’s my very favorite Anglo-Swiss Watch Co.’s Cavalry, today’s version is gold plated. This is vintage 1942.

Normally, I do not post pictures of the pens I use as I don’t have many. However, today I am making an exception.and posting the photograph of the pens I am carrying today. The reason is that  there is a history behind these pens.

After leaving IBM in 1998, I set up the very first event management company in Bangladesh named, “Show & Tell”. I ran that business until 2001. In 2001 I went back to my original profession of Information Technology.

In 1999, Bangladesh Parliament gave me a contract (it was more from UNOPS) to manage a conference titled, “Asia Pacific Parliaments for Peace”. The conference was held at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel on September 1999. These pens were used by 37 Speakers of 37 parliaments to sign the “Dhaka Declaration.” I understand that the newly formed organization was initially headquartered in Cambodia. In 2007 the name was changed to Asian Parliamentary Association (APA). This is APA’s current website is http://www.asianparl.net/about.html.

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