What I am wearing today (3 April 2012)

Today I am wearing a 2-button, peaked lapel, blue suit with a light purple, tabbed collar shirt with french cuffs. As I have a few important meetings today, I decided to go with a monochromatic ensemble. Consequently, today’s necktie is small purple dots over dark blue background. The pocket square is black dots over purple background.

Today’s shoes are black oxfords with some minor decoration near the toe.

Today’s watch is a gold plated Tissot Automatic with a black leather strap. The was was manufactured in 1980–the same year I started my career.

That brings me to the issue of labeling items, such as, vintage or antique. What is vantage and what is antique? There can be various definitions of antique and vintage. However, in this blog I will use the term “vintage” when the object is betwen 30 and 50 years old. Beyond 50 years, I may classify the object as “antique.” Please note that there may be other more precise definitions; however, for this blog I just defined the two terms.

By the way, as you can see from the photographs, today I was wearing a belt instead of suspenders.

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