What I am wearing today (18 April 2012)

Today I am wearing a glen plaid (aka Glenurquhart check) double-breasted, six-buttons, suit; a very light pink shirt with tabbed collar and french-cuffs; a striped necktie in light blue/light pink/ shocking pink colored stripes; and a pink pocket square; a pair of fancy oxford shoes with side laces. Today’s watch is an Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic.

4 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (18 April 2012)

  1. Hi

    Just some comments if you don’t mind:
    – your ties are too wide, while the skinny look will not suit your age get some that are sleeker
    – for DB suits, get 6 by 2 look instead of the 6 by 1 which accentuates the horizontal
    – avoid tabbed collar, very much the casual look, with cuff links, a more formal look. Ditch one whichever you prefer

    I do like your colour combos though! Good on you and well done blog

    Fazz – Milan

    1. First, let me thank you for your comment. I wear ties proportional to the lapel width. Since I don’t wear thin lapels, I don’t wear skinny ties. And my DBs are all 6 X 2. I love tabbed collars and I love cufflinks. I would like to differ that tabbed collars are less formal. I think tabbed collars are very formal and always requires a necktie and can only be worn with a suit or at least a blazer. Someone may also view tabbed collars as a variation of a button down shirt, but I don’t. Thanks for the compliment on color combinations. Regards, Shahzaman

  2. Dear Luciano: I picked this pair up during a recent trip to Seoul, South Korea. Though the shoes are a little bit “off”, yet I decided by buy them because I often get bored with the traditional oxfords, derbies, and monks. Occasionally, it’s fun to bring in some variation. Regards, Shahzaman.

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