What I am wearing today

Today I am wearing a white linen suit with black pinstripes. This is two button version with a fish-tail notch lapel. Recently I have been wearing this suit more frequently than is usual. I also love today’s shirt which is a hand loom cotton shirt in micro stripes. I am finding hand loom cottons to be particularly suitable for hot and humid weathers. You must try them to appreciate these shirts. A chose to wear a black, gray, and purple striped silk tie and a silk pocket square in black and red.

Today’s ensemble is a good example of matching various patterns. You must have noticed that everything that I am wearing today contain patterns. The suit is a stripe, the shirt is a check, the tie is again a stripe, the pocket square is a pattern is red and black. The trick in matching stripes, checks and other patterns is scale. Vary the scales so that they do not clash. Judge for yourself how effectively I have been able to mix the patterns today.

Today I am wearing a 1980 vintage Tissot Automatic with a black leather strap. I seem to have damaged the watch’s dial. I discovered this when taking a photograph of the watch today. I have been wearing this watch for the last two days.

Today’s shoes are black double-monks.

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