What I am wearing today (13 May 2012)

Today is Sunday, the beginning of the week here in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Today, I decided to go with a monochromatic look and I am wearing a light gray glen plaid, three-button, notch-lapel suit; a graph check in blue over white shirt with tabbed collars and french-cuffs; a light gray over gray wide-striped tie; a white linen pocket square; and a pair of light brown derby brogue shoes.

The watch I am wearing today is a vintage 1962 Camy Geneva 17 Jewels, manual winding, cushion shaped one. I find the watch’s tiny “second” hand located just over the “6” mark very pretty.

What I am wearing today (10 May 2012)

Today I am wearing a 3-button, notch-lapel, maroon pinstripe over dark blue suit with a white shirt with french-cuffs. a red/maroon silk tie with paisley patterns, and a white linen pocket square. A pair of maroon/brown brogue oxford shoes complements my attire.

Today’s watch is a very rare 1962 vintage cushion shaped Camy Geneva Deluxe manual winding watch in a brown leather strap.



What I am wearing today (8 May 2012)

Today I am wearing a peaked lapel, single-breasted, 2-button, suit with red pinstripe over a blue background; a red/white micro-check shirt with french-cuffs; a maroon tie with printed small black squares; a red pocket square; a pair of reddish brown double-monk shoes; and a Poljot, manual winding, alarm wristwatch.

Forgot to mention, today’s shirt is also hand-loom cotton. It seems that I am getting addicted to this fabric.

What I am wearing today

Today I am wearing a white linen suit with black pinstripes. This is two button version with a fish-tail notch lapel. Recently I have been wearing this suit more frequently than is usual. I also love today’s shirt which is a hand loom cotton shirt in micro stripes. I am finding hand loom cottons to be particularly suitable for hot and humid weathers. You must try them to appreciate these shirts. A chose to wear a black, gray, and purple striped silk tie and a silk pocket square in black and red.

Today’s ensemble is a good example of matching various patterns. You must have noticed that everything that I am wearing today contain patterns. The suit is a stripe, the shirt is a check, the tie is again a stripe, the pocket square is a pattern is red and black. The trick in matching stripes, checks and other patterns is scale. Vary the scales so that they do not clash. Judge for yourself how effectively I have been able to mix the patterns today.

Today I am wearing a 1980 vintage Tissot Automatic with a black leather strap. I seem to have damaged the watch’s dial. I discovered this when taking a photograph of the watch today. I have been wearing this watch for the last two days.

Today’s shoes are black double-monks.

Family Photographs

I just realized that I have not posted any of my family photographs in this blog. So today I am going to rectify that. The following photographs were taken during my daugher’s wedding.

With my wife Shimu
From left, my son Shezzane, my wife Shimu, my daughter Fariza, and me
Shezzane, Shimu, Fariza, and me


From left: my wife Shimu, our son-in-law Sameer, my daughter Fariza, and me.
My son Shezzane is standing.
Shezzane, Shimu, Sameer, Fariza, and me