What I am wearing today (20 June 2012)

When I woke up in the morning, the sky was overcast.  The blazing summer sun, now cloaked in a gray veil, appeared less angry.  At around 8:00 a.m., it was about 26 degrees Centigrade, when only few days back it was hovering around 35-38. Normally, in Bangladesh monsoon dominates in full force by the start of June; however, monsoon is tardy this year

Usually, I decide on the daily wardrobe the night before. However, today it was not possible because last evening I attended a wedding reception, returned home quite late, and did not feel like to go through the rituals of arranging an ensemble, which includes ironing, polishing, selecting, etc.

With Gen. Md. Abdul Mubeen, Chief of Staff, Bangladesh Armed Forces, at his son’s wedding reception held at “Senakunja” on June 19, 2012.

When I selected my ensemble today, I had an urge to wear a charcoal suit and white shirt. Therefore, today’s I am wearing a charcoal gray, 2-button, peaked-lapel, suit; a white shirt with James Bond Cuffs; a black/white checkered tie;  a white linen pocket square; and a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes.

Today, I am also wearing a 1950 vintage and elegant, Anglo Swiss Watch Company, Cavalry,  dress watch in stainless steel.

Another interesting thing happened today. Some of my colleagues wanted to model for my blog. Therefore, today I am also posting photographs of two of my coworkers.

From left to right: Rezwan, Shahzaman, and Mizan.


7 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (20 June 2012)

  1. This is classic and elegant – I like very much!

    I would love to have some cocktail cuff shirts, but it seems they are rare to find, even in London.

    Regarding your cuff length – do you think they could be slightly longer to show off more material?

    1. Indeed. A quarter inch more would be ideal for this particular suit. I am sure you can appreciate the problem. Individual suits have varying sleeve lengths. The shirts not only have varying sleeve lengths but also their shrinkage factors are different. For french cuff shirts, I ask my tailor to put two cuff-link holes about a quarter inch apart. This allows me to make minor adjustments to the sleeve length. However, sometimes, this is also not enough. For cocktail cuffs, unfortunately, this is not possible because the buttons are fixed. The other solution is to have all sleeve lengths elongated but that is also not desirable. I don’t know how to overcome this problem.

      1. It may be a little over-the-top for yourself, but have my jacket sleeves brought up (by the shoulder ofcourse, not by the cuff) moreso than I would imagine other gentlemen would care to. This is because I prefer to have shirt cuff showing rather than it not so, even if on occasion it is more than 1/4 inch. Some jackets show 1/2 inch in some cases.

        But I wear narrow (not skinny) lapelled suits that are taken in more at the waist to maintain a modern look and have a slimmer cut on the trousers. I feel that shorter cuffs and hems on the trouser line is generally more acceptable on these cuts of suit.

        It’s a difficult problem I know, as not every jacket and shirt are identical in their length and structure.

      2. I have used the suggested method to reduce sleeve’s sleeve length with mixed results. Out of three suits, two worked out fine; but the third one had to be discarded. Though I prefer a bit of the shirt’s cuff visible under the jacket, as you can see from the photos, I have not been able to achieve it consistently due to reasons elaborated earlier. On suit lapels, I like them medium sized, not too skinny and not too wide. I think this is a safe strategy because I don’t want to change my wardrobe every year. I did not understand what you meant by, “..shorter cuffs and hems………..on these cuts of suit.” Could you kindly elaborate a little? Thank you very much for the comments.

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