What I am wearing today (21 June 2012)

Today is Thursday—the day before the start of weekends in Bangladesh. The sky remained overcast with occasional patches of blue visible through the gray and white blanket of cloud. Dhaka’s skyline, visible from my 12th floor office, looked kind of gloomy, as if waiting for something ominous to happen. I glimpsed a few pigeons as they sprinted by the window like planes performing aerobics.

To break the monotony of suits, I have resolved not to wear suits on Thursdays. Instead, I would wear a blazer/trousers combination. As a result, today I am wearing a three-button woolen blazer in ash- blue and black; a light blue cotton shirt with French cuffs; a black woolen tie; a blue silk pocket square; a pair of black Chelsea boots. Today I am also wearing a vintage (I don’t know the exact date) square-shaped, Rado automatic with date in stainless steel. What is interesting about this watch is that the Rado logo is unlike the traditional “floating anchor” logo of Rado. Instead, the logo is simply “RADO” written on the dial.


7 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (21 June 2012)

  1. Today’s ensemble is just awesome!!! Zaman bhai, you have outdone yourself today!!!
    You are not auditioning for any Hollywood PI movie, are you???

  2. looking good! … like the change …But would love see what you pick if the dress code is ‘Smart casual’ ?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Today’s combination can also work as a “smart casual” outfit. If I wanted to dress-down a bit, I would replace the tie with a cravat. If it was very hot, humid, and no air-conditioning; I would take off the jacket and maybe also the cravat.

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