What I am wearing today (24 June 2012)

Today I am wearing a dark blue, 3-button, notch-lapel, suit with light blue stripes; a blue candy-stripe shirt with french cuffs; a blue, teal, and black broad-stripe silk tie; a Macclesfield printed silk pocket square in blue and red; a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes; and a 1960 vintage Omaga Seamaster, manual winding watch in stainless steel with a black leather strap.

If you look carefully at today’s ensemble, you will find that I am wearing all patterns: Three stripes (suit, shirt, and tie) and one print (pocket square). The easiest thing to wear is a white shirt with a suit; because white (which is not a color but a lack of any color) goes with anything. You can wear a white shirt with any suit. Also, almost any tie would go with a white shirt. There are many people who wear nothing but white shirts. Difficulties start when you decide to wear anything but a white shirt and difficulties are compounded when you start experimenting with pattern mixing. However, each day this week I would be wearing patterns–all patterns; stripes, checks, prints, gingham, etc. The objective is to get ideas on combinations those work and also those that don’t work out.



6 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (24 June 2012)

  1. very nice blog sir ,thoroughly educational, very refreshing…however as i personally see you everyday, i will have to admit that none of this pictures capture the radiance and sharpness of the fabric that you wear because of the inadequate setting of the camera …i was looking at one snap on your facebook account that rezwan bhai had taken of you and Sarita krishnan of IBM with a professional camera…that picture made me realize in order to capture the true essence of the fabric, you need a better camera…also with the lights that we have inside our spl office, the pictures should be better resolution..i can testify having seen you personally everyday, the images dont do you justice..the real zaman sir is far more glamorous is person..,other then that…stunning stuff.

    1. I have often considered getting/using a better camera for the blog. However, the iPhone is very convenient as it’s always with me. I view my blog as an educational blog and the quality seems adequate for that purpose. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Maintaining mechanical watches are relatively simple. For winding ones, I wind my watch before wearing. For automatics, I simply wear them and they work. One can also wind some versions of the automatics. I, however, don’t bother about setting the date and other functions as I change them everyday. Thanks for the comment.

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