What I am wearing today (2 July 2012)

Today I am wearing a light blue, 2-button, notch lapel suit; a blue cotton Bengal stripe shirt with french cuffs; a printed silk tie in red/blue/golden colors; a red silk pocket square; a pair of brownish-red, cap-toed oxford shoes; and a “interesting” watch in a brown leather strap.



12 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (2 July 2012)

  1. Chacchu, I can give you 75 marks today out of 100 whether it was 95 yesterday. Today your watch is interesting but not the tie. But keep in mind, I understand very little about style, fashion etc.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Do you find the tie too bright? An ensemble is like a painting–you don’t need to be a painter to appreciate a painting. Next time I would try a subtler tie to see how it goes.

  2. I am intrigued by the watch ? is it from Saudi army ? or from operation desert storm ? looks very interesting

  3. i cam across your blog searching about sowar watches. very interesting and i like the accessories you show off. I got to know about the blonklip straps which i have on my sowar and that was indeed great subject to further search for. I like your shoe collections too.

    1. I have many (over 30) West End watches and a majority of which are Sowar Prima watches. In fact, as I am writing this response, I am wearing a Sowar, Prima, automatic, which will feature in tomorrow’s blog. I love these watches.

      Are you sure that you have a true blonklip on your sowar or is it a blonklip imitation. I have a number of watches with blonklip type bracelets but unfortunately none are genuine blonklip.

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      1. Hi mozum,
        thanks your reply. yes the the strap i have is not the orginal blonklip but its what came out later as everbright made in swiss. You should try some of the HMT winding watches. they are bygone excitements of simplicity and affordability. the Janata and the pilots are my favourites. The double monk strap shoes is my next buy.

      2. I thought so about the bracelet because so are mine. I don’t see any HMTs in Bangladesh, probably because they were not marketed here. The swiss-watch era ended after the introduction of quartz watches. Many companies manufacturing low-end watches went out of business failing to compete with cheap Japanese quartz watches. I think HMT came during this period when Bangladesh market was already occupied by Japanese watches.

  4. Excellent. But Tie is so colorful. Today combination is not entering into mind. Yet watch is so exceptional. How will you collect???

    1. For some reason I love colorful ties. In fact, the tie I am wearing today is one of my favorite ties. Watch collecting is really fun and I collect from various sources. Watch mechanics spread throughout the country are a great source.

      Why don’t you become a watch collector?

      Thanks for your comment.

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