What I am wearing today ( 1 November 2012)

Today is Thursday, end of a week, and the start of a new month. As most Thursday’s, I am wearing a blazer/trousers combination today. Today’s blazer is a navy 2-button notch-lapel version and it has been coordinated with light gray trousers. Today’s shirt is a cotton check in white and black over a light blue background. I am also wearing a blue silk tie with some pattern in it. I thought a pair of brown monk-strap shoes would nicely complement today less-formal attire. Today’s watch is a vintage “President Style” West End Watch Company Sowar Prima automatic with day and date.










8 thoughts on “What I am wearing today ( 1 November 2012)

    1. Some readers had asked me this question before and I gave them the address of the tailor who makes my suits. Unfortunately, the outcome has not been satisfactory to the readers.
      You see, Bangladesh has much good skill of stitching and very few who can cut a suit well. Because a cutter must know in detail about the human body (anatomy) and the cut must reflect this knowledge of anatomy. For example, the way a suit is cut for a thin and tall person must be different from the way a suit is cut for a short and rotund person. This is not understood by the mostly illiterate cutter/tailors we have. Therefore, the person ordering the suit needs to supplement this information for a satisfactory result.
      So when I gave the address of the tailor and you go to him expecting a good outcome. But unfortunately that does not happen because unless you are passionate about your suits, you are not likely to know all the intricacies that makes a suit worthwhile and the suit comes out not looking as good as you expected (by looking at the suits in this blog). Therefore, be warned.
      My suits are made by Kazis located at the 1st Floor of “Kazi Bhaban,” 39 New Elephant Road, Dhaka.
      Best of luck.

      1. Dear Mr. Mozumder,
        Thank you very much for your detailed reply. Really appreciate your valuable comment. I do agree with you that the person ordering the suite needs to be well informed about what they want, for the out come to be perfect. I am the second type of figure that you mentioned, any pointers on what I should ask my tailor for a good result?

      2. Take me with you when you want to order your suit. It’s difficult to give any pointer without knowing the type and shape of your body. What is your body type (Ektomprph/Mesomorph/Endomorph). Read the article in my blog about human body type.

        Please also note that it’s difficult to get good suiting fabric in Dhaka. However, you may want to make a test suit first with cheap materials to see if you like it.

        Let me know what you think. I regularly visit the tailor and its not very difficult for me be present when you want to visit the shop.

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