What I am wearing today (23 January 2013)

Today I am wearing a 2-button charcoal-gray suit, a white shirt with French cuffs, a striped silk tie in black/gray/purple, a purple silk pocket square with black polka dots, a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes, and a vintage Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic with date.
















2 1

Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic Date


5 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (23 January 2013)

    1. I have a few pairs and the size is between 41 and 42 depending on the shape of the shoe. I am also planning to adopt “home shoe making” as a hobby. I think at present I have between 60-70 pairs.

      Thank you for your compliment.

      1. Home shoe making sounds interesting. Well I can say you vnice and large collection of shoes, a barely have 30 pairs, most of them black dress shoes (my favorite color).

      2. Please note that I regularly cycle through maybe 20-30 shoes. The rest seem to be wardrobe fillers only. My favorite colors are black, brown , and cordovan. I normally select the color based on the color of the suit I am wearing.

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