What I am wearing today (30 January 2013)







Today I am wearing a gray double-breasted (6X2) suit, a graph-check cotton shirt in white, blue, and purple; a striped silk tie in purple, blue, yellow, and white; a silk/linen blend pocket square in blue and green, a pair of dark brown oxford whole-cut shoes, and an obscure and vintage manual winding watch by the name of “Cordello” in stainless steel and with split second hand.













4 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (30 January 2013)

  1. I find the placement of the two top buttons somewhat questionable, – they seem to be positioned just where one would expect to find the nipples.
    Can they be removed without leaving a trace?

    1. They can be removed. But what does it matter if the buttons are placed where the nipples are supposed to be? I think it depends on personal preference. Double breasted suits come in two basic button formats: six buttons and four buttons. In the four button versions the top two buttons (nipple buttons) are absent. In my opinion, 4-buttons look better with patch pockets.

      1. Indeed my first reaction has been out of place, – personal preference it is, and I commend your boldness!
        I just prefer a bit different proportion, – so not like Mr Gosling’s suit in the middle (http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2011/4/12/1302630736587/Prince-Charles-Ryan-Gosli-007.jpg) but rather as one of the other two, as well as less noticeable buttons.
        Keep good work, – your website made me change my DB order from 4 x 1 to 6 x 2 once I realised what will be the difference.
        Wholecuts are lovely! I switched to straight european lacing since 1 1/2 year, and I won’t go back to criss-cross.
        Finally allow me to compliment on your collection of monk strap shoes!

      2. First let me thank you for your post, which I seem to have forgotten last time.Not many people venture a comment. I don’t think your comment was out of place, in fact, placing the top two buttons a bit lower (as the photograph of Price Charles you have attached) may be a better option. I will keep that in mind next time I order a double-breasted suit.

        Also, in my opinion the body shape and height plays a very important role in the determination of a particular cut or style. About lacing, I might change soon as a specific style becomes trite if overused. Maybe a mixture of styles is a preferable option. I will think about it.

        at my age (I am 58 by the way), a pair of shoes is a lifetime investment. I love monk straps and I wear them with and without suits–which is difficult to do with other styles.

        Thanks again,


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