What I am wearing today (21 August 2013)

Today I am wearing a navy double-breasted suit, a white cotton shirt with French cuffs, an orange silk tie, a white linen pocket square, a pair of brown oxford shoes, and a vintage Enicar automatic watch.







Brown Red Wingtip



3 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (21 August 2013)

  1. Mr. Mozumder Sir,

    I’ve been following your blog for the past year or so. Your sense of style is above par not on a subcontinental level only, but at times even surpasses those in the international arena, including the haute couture world. Your attention to detail is sublime. If the Duke of Windsor were alive in this era, he would appreciate such delicate,intrinsic taste that lies in a modern, yet classic dandy as you.

    However, i noticed in your description, that you fail to mention the fabric of your suit/jacket (unless it is a linen one). What does your most jackets comprise of? Are they mostly summer fabircs or wool blends (threadcount of 120s, 100s or just 80s twil), or silk+ wool blends etc. please elaborate…

    in winter do you carry any worsted wool fabric collections?

    i appreciate your courageous effort of putting the double breasted suit into play.Being a timeless classic It very well suits your frame. But i’d suggest taking the picture in better lighting. The insufficient light distorted the actual color of your suit buttons. Do they have a metallic finish? i also appreciate your preference of folded suit pants instead of the boring, usual unfinished trousers.

    Since your jackets are well tapered under the armhole and chest area, when you pose for a side profile picture (the 2nd picture in this set), the left lapel seem to bulge outward, thus showing too much shirt and most importantly, obstructing a smooth flow of the suit line. you can either try a different angle for the photo or pull the jacket a bit before the photo shoot.

    1. Dear Mr. Qader:

      Thank you very much for your comments. Actually it’s quite overwhelming and I am not sure that I deserve your unbridled encomium. Nevertheless, thanks again.

      Your observation about the fabric is correct. I will include the type of fabric in future posts. For summer, I prefer linen and tropical wool in the range of 100 to 120. Anything over 120 is too fragile for regular wear.

      As you know, even though there is hardly any winter in Bangladesh, I do maintain a winter wardrobe that comes handy while travelling to cold countries. Most of my tropical suits are wearable in our winter months. However, I may refrain from wearing some lighter colors during winter. Also, I would probably not wear linen in winter. I have had a few cotton suits but for some reason I don’t like them much and would probably have retained them if I had unlimited storage capacity.

      I like all type of suits, single breasted, 2-button, 3-button, double-breasted (both 6X1 and 6X2), blazers, sports coats, and dinner jackets.

      I know that the photographs are of very poor quality as they are taken by an iPhone 4 camera. I am planning to get a better camera for the photographs, which will improve the quality of the photos. I am grateful for your suggestion about the pose of some of the snaps and I will try to avoid them in future.

      About the suit buttons: Some of suits have Mother of Pearl (MOP) buttons. MOP buttons are shiny. Some of my suits have horn buttons and they can come in both shiny or matt finish. I also have bone buttons in some and they normally have a matt finish. And finally, some of my suits also have plastic buttons.

      I am in the process of changing the plastic buttons with horn, MOP, bone, coconut shell, and wood buttons.

      All my blazers and some sports jackets have metal buttons.



      1. thank you for sharing the details …. sharper pictures will be highly appreciated. …:)

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