What I am wearing today (25 September 2013)

Today I am wearing a charcoal gray 2-button, notch-lapel (actually fish-mouth lapel) linen suit, a white cotton shirt with cocktail cuffs, a gray/red floral print silk tie, a white linen pocket square, a pair of black suede double monk-strap shoes, and I am not wearing a watch today.

The buttons of the jacket are made of handmade unpolished buffalo horn. I think the buttons add the right texture to the linen suit. The matt finish of the double-monk suede shoes complements the linen suit. I was tempted to wear a silk knit tie with this outfit. The fact that I don’t have a suitable silk knit for this outfit prevented me from my temptation.  A compromise was the floral print tie. I also tried to wear a striped (white and blue) linen shirt but the white shirt appeared more appropriate due to the contrast it creates with the charcoal suit.








unpolished handmade horn buttons
unpolished handmade horn buttons

2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (25 September 2013)

    1. The Eldredge is a very flashy know and I have never seen in real life making one. I might be tempted maybe when I got to an evening party or something. Plus I may not have a tie long enough for the knot.

      Thanks for the comment.

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