What I am wearing today (13 October 2013)

Today I am wearing a wool/silk blend 2-button, fish-tail lapel light-blue suit, a pink/blue striped shirt with French cuffs and tabbed-collar, a navy silk tie with purple polka dots, a pink linen pocket square, a pair of light-brown monk-strap shoes, and a vintage West End Watch Company Sowar Prima automatic watch with day and date.

(Note: Our office will remain closed for the next six days on account of Eid-Ul-Fitr. Therefore, there will be not posting for the next six days.)










5 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (13 October 2013)

  1. Hey King of Dhaka,
    I was going through your blog and really loved it to go through. We are group of like minded guys who are working on exposing the styles / style blog which is non profit group as of now.
    Let me know if you are really interested in it. Would really like to add you as a contributor for it loving your designs.

      1. Thanks Sir,
        We are building a portal dressportal.org, which is under construction and we are building a group of like minded people who can write to blog of a specific category and answer.
        I have couple of people from Spain, USA, India and Africa to write on their dresses. And I would soon send you a plan.

  2. Hello Sir,
    I have created a username for you, it is kingofdhaka and password is same. Though the site is still to be configured and cleaned for unused tempaltes you can start posting when you get time.
    link: dressportal.org/wp-admin
    PS: Please dont approve this post.

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