What I am wearing today (21 October 2013)

Today I am wearing a tropical-wool three-button widow-pane suit, a pink striped cotton shirt with French cuffs and tabbed collar, a maroon silk tie with small black patterns, a pink printed cotton pocket square, a pair of dark-tan cap-toed oxford shoes, and a vintage manual winding Omega Seamaster watch.

If you have missed it, let me point out that today I am wearing four patterns. The suit is window-pane, the shirt is a stripe, the tie is also a pattern, and the pocket square is also another check. I think one of the most difficult think to achieve in men’s ensemble is to mix four patterns effectively. Many say that it should not be attempted because it creates a cluttered (or very busy) look not soothing to the eyes. However, my view is that if done properly, this is, if the four patters are mixed in such a way that do not clash with each other, the look can be quite refreshing. If you have to wear a suit every day, soon it becomes quite monotonous and boring to rely solely on solid colors.

I would be very interested to know what you think.









2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (21 October 2013)

  1. Felicitaciones por esta pagina Web, me gusta,
    quiero saber si puedo pedirte algunos consejos

    1. Muchas gracias por su comentario y elogios. Usted está cordialmente invitado a hacerme preguntas. Sin embargo, no sé español y ya responder a sus preguntas voy a tener que depender de Google Translate.

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