What I am wearing today (8 January 2014)

Last evening I attended a wedding reception and this is what I was wearing:


However, today I am wearing a woolen Prince of Wales check double-breasted suit, a pink cotton shirt with French cuffs, a silk tie in pink and white, a pink linen pocket square, a pair of black ankle boots, and a vantage Longines 5-Star “Admiral” automatic day/date watch in a black leather strap.









Longines Automatic 10K gold filled Admiral five star day date watch

14 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (8 January 2014)

    1. you have class …
      I went several times in India and I think the Indians really have class.
      Do you think this is the imprint of the British Empire, or is it innate?

      …and i’m fond of your favre leuba watch!

      François (from France)

      1. Dear Francois:

        Thanks for your compliments. Bangladesh, my country, used to be India before 1947. In 1947 India was divided into India and Pakistan. What is Bangladesh today became East Pakistan in 1947. In 1971 East Pakistan became independent from Pakistan after a bloody war and became Bangladesh.

        India was ruled by the British for 200 years. Western tailoring came to India with the British. But Bangladesh is known today globally as the second largest producer of ready made garments (after China).

        As the par capita income is increasing in countries like India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka people (mostly middle class) are becoming more and more better dressed. In India today they have a middle class population of roughly 200 million (about the size of America).

        I am. however, trying to encourage our younger generation to appreciate the art of being well dressed.



  1. Respected Mr. Mozumder:

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the details & the well taken pictures over the years.

    Indeed glad to see your effort.

    Would love to meet you over coffee sometime. I am available over 01730711583 & look forward to hearing from you for your kind time.

    Adnan Mehdi

  2. Mr Mozumder,
    That Prince of Wales double breast is just spot on!! and the pink window panes adds that extra touch of panache, absolutely fresh!! I’ve looked for similar fabric all over Dhaka and couldn’t find it. And that fit is almost unseen among locally made suits, but I’m hoping you had the fabric sourced locally and had it tailored locally as well because I really want one. It would be highly appreciated if you could direct me to where I could find such fabric and tailoring.
    best regards, Q.

    1. Dear Q, Thank you for your compliments. The POW fabric was purchased from a shop in Singapore and it was cut and tailored by the people I have trained here in Dhaka. The fabric in the blog is pure wool (heavy, not particularly suitable for Dhaka and can be worn only for two months). A lighter weight fabric will be more suitable for Dhaka. I will be travelling to Singapore tomorrow and I will search if something similar (it’s probably not possible to get the exact match) can be found. I love POW checks and would like to have two/three additional pow check suits. I will let you know when I am back. Thanks, Shahzaman

      1. Dear Sir,
        I think I read somewhere that you were planning on setting up a bespoke tailor shop with the people you’ve trained here, any leads on that? I absolutely despise dealing with the local tailors who think they know better and end up completely ignoring my instructions and doing what they like. Looking forward to some true tailoring.
        Best regards, Q.

      2. Dear Qafi:
        The shop will be ready for business from 1 March 2014 and is located at the lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. The name of the shop is Dapper.



  3. Dear sir,
    I am really appreciate to this latest fashionable double breasted suits and i want to share a motivated thing that is very effective in this case of suits :

    Wide Peak Lapels

    Create the illusion of awider chest while leading the eyes upward for an illusions of height

    1. Thank you for your compliment and suggestion. I don’t know if you had read my mind, I am in fact considering to commission two/three double breasted suit with wide lapels.

      thanks again,


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