What I am wearing today (5 February 2014)

Today I am wearing a woolen-blend light-mustard windowpane  2-button notch-lapel suit, a cotton tattersall-check shirt with French cuffs, a block-check silk tie in yellow, light blue, and beige; a cotton micro-check pocket square, a pair of brown and beige oxford correspondent shoes, and a vintage Omega Seamaster Automatic in stainless steel.







5 2



Did you notice anything unusual about today’s ensemble? If you did not, I passed.

What I have attempted today is a most difficult undertaking in men’s ensemble—mixing of four (or more) patterns. Today I am wearing six patterns: 1. The suit is a windowpane; 2. The shirt is tattersall; 3. The tie is block check; 4. The pocket square is micro-check; 5. The Shoe is also a check (correspondent shoe); the socks are also a check.

The trick in wearing three or more patterns is in the scale of the patterns.  The patterns must be of different scale.

4 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (5 February 2014)

  1. 05-feb-2014

    Hello Sir Shahzaman

    my taste is the combination of today, this beautiful, I really like the shoes (oxford shoes correspondents color brown and beige ), I have not seen in trade, to buy

    I bought two pair of double monk style (brown, black)

    on purpose,..

    do not you come back to put your double monk shoes

    happy day

    I hope you understand me

    I use the google translator


    1. Ha, Ha, Ha, Good one.

      Braces (also known as suspenders) are substitute for belts. They are not only more comfortable than belts but also they don’t slip. I prefer suspenders over belts.

      Ardita, thanks for your comment.

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