What I am wearing today (10 February 2014)

Today I am wearing a woolen metallic-blue 2-button notch-lapel suit, a light blue cotton waistcoat (vest), a cotton pink/white striped shirt with French cuffs, a gray/pink striped silk tie, a pink linen pocket square, a pair of tan cap-toed oxford shoes, and a vintage manual-winding Omega pocket watch with a split second.









Vintage manual-winding Omega Pocket Watch with split second

4 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (10 February 2014)

  1. 10 – feb -2014
    hello sir Shahzaman

    Today I’m sending you an email with my vests

    I hope you can see it



    1. Dear German:

      I just saw your vests and double-monks. They are very nice. You can certainly wear then as you have done in the photographs. Your double-monks are very beautiful–I love them.

      Cheers, Shahzaman

      1. hello sir Shahzaman

        Today I visit the page Dhaka Art Summit and I could see the first edition of the Dhaka Art Summit was held 12-15 April 2012, and could see some artwork

        I have as a hobby in oil painting, I’m art class on Saturday

        I like this painting behind you in the picture you posted the 8th of February on a visit to Dhaka Art Summit

        I want to Make a painting in oil of you

        you have a nice day


      2. Dear German: you and I seem to have lot of things in common. I had Los taken oil painting as a hobby and it lasted for about 3 years. Unfortunately, I no longer have that hobby.

        some of the paintings in the Dhaka Art Summit were really beautiful.

        about a painting of me? Wish you the best.

        cheers, Shahzaman

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