What I am wearing today (11 March 2014)

Today I am wearing a blue pinstripe 2-button peaked-lapel suit, a light pink shirt with French cuffs, a pink and blue striped silk tie, a pink linen pocket square, and a pair of reddish oxford brogue shoes. I am not wearing a watch today. As you can see, I was visiting my tailor today.




7 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (11 March 2014)

  1. Hello, this is my first comment in your blog after following you for couple of months. I must admit that I have become a big fan of yours. It’s really inspiring and as a prospective lawyer your dress sense would definitely help me to bring inner out of me. Would you mind if I ask you the name and address of your tailor? I will really appreciate and please keep posting your style for us. You have become really the king of Dhaka now.

    1. Dear Sharzil:

      Thank you very much for your unbridled encomium. I am happy to know that you are a prospective lawyer and I am sure you will be a very good one.

      I have just opened a tailoring shop named Dapper Bespoke and it’s located at the lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. The price range for a suit is between Taka 15,000 and over depending on the material. I make only canvassed suits. (These are promotional rates and may change in future). A shirt starts at Taka 1,200 and trousers at Taka 1,500. Minimum delivery lead time is 15 days. A suit requires three trials and both shirt and trousers require one each.

      I opened up the tailoring facility as many of the followers of the blog wanted the same level of high sartorial standard. I hope you will not be disappointed.

      If you decide to use the services of Dapper, please call me at 01711-547571 so that I can be present when your measurements are taken and recommend you style and cut. Cheers,


  2. is it horse hair canvas that you are using? do you use 130s wool and tweed for suit? ball park – how much would a 130s wool suit cost @ your outlet?

    1. Thank you for your comment. Yes we use canvas for our suit construction. Canvas is made of horse hair.

      We carry wool of various weight and fineness of fabric (100, 110, 120, etc.). I am not sure if we have 130 wool in stock at the moment, but definitely 100 to 120. 130 wool is not always appropriate for business suits as they tear easily due to fine construction.

      We do not carry tweed as it’s not suitable for our climate. Most suits we make are either wool or wool blend.

      Thanks Again,


    2. I did not answer all your questions in my previous response. If you want a suit with 120 wool, please go to http://www.hst.com.sg/acatalog/Bestex.html and select your fabric. This is a shop in Singapore. Based on your selection, we will arrange to get the material from there for you. Please note that they don’t carry anything over 120. You will need 350 cm (of 3.50 meters) for a two piece suit. We will charge you 15% more for the fabric. The tailoring charges for a fully canvassed suit is Taka 8,000 (this includes mandatory three trials).

      Assuming that you select the following materials:

      Bestex 100% Super 120’s Wool (2901_7)

      Design : Stripes

      Color : Black and Gray

      Composition : Super 120’s 100% Wool

      Width : 150cm/60″

      Country of origin : Made in England

      Price per cm: SGD$1.46 / US$1.20

      Price per metre: SGD$146.00 / US$120.00

      the price for 3.50 meters comes to US$ 120 X 3.5 X 1.15 = US$ 483, or Bangladesh Taka 38,640.

      After adding tailoring charges of Taka 8,000, the total comes to Taka 46,640.



  3. next time I travel Bangladesh, I’ll certainly pay a visit to your place. I hope you have a fine collection of linen/seersucker suit fabric collection by then. Please let me know if I can bring my own fabric?

    1. you are most welcome to bring your own fabric. Fabric choice in Bangladesh is rather limited due to artificially high customs duty. We have some linen in stock but no seersucker. thanks, Shahzaman

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