What I am wearing today (18 March 2014)

Today I am wearing a light mustard colored windowpane single-breasted 2-button peaked lapel suit, a contrast and spread collar blue/white striped cotton shirt with French cuffs, a brown silk tie with small white flowers and tied with a Shelby knot, a white linen pocket square with brown borders, a pair of dark brown monk-strap shoes, and the same watch I wore yesterday.

My normal tie knot is the Four-in-hand. However, as I am wearing a spread collar shirt, I thought a Shelby knot is needed to cover the wide angle of the spread collar.









Gruen Swiss Automatic

6 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (18 March 2014)

  1. Dear Sir, You are an inspiration! I follow your advice very closely, I am wondering are any watch dealers in Dhaka who sell vintage watches? Where do you get your watches from?

    1. A person frequently comes to me with watches and I sometimes buy from him. If you are interested let me know what kind of watch you want to buy and whats your price range. Let me give you some examples: Vintage manual winding Omega Watches are between Taka 15-20,000. Automatics from Taka 25,000 and above depending on condition. Rado watches range from Taka 7,000 and over depending on the model and condition. Tissot is similar to Rado. Etc., Let me know that you want and I may be able to help you.

      1. Dear Sir:
        Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I don’t live in Dhaka, but I will visit in October/November. I would love to take to lunch or coffee and pick your brain.

        I too have struggled a lot (pre-internet days) trying to learn about clothing, and I only wish there was some one I could turn to.

        Which is why I think that your blog is of service to many men who are struggling with finding their won sense of style.

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