What I am wearing today (4 May 2014)

Today I am wearing a new suit. It’s light-brown-windowpane light-weight wool wide-lapel  double breasted (6X1) with Corozo buttons. This is a full canvas suit with all hand stitching including hand-stitched button holes.  The trousers have 2-inch split waistband with side tabs (no belt loops). I am also wearing a lemon cotton shirt with French cuffs, a reddish-maroon silk tie, a purple microdot linen pocket square,  a pair of brown cap-toed oxford shoes, and a Gruen automatic wristwatch.








Handmade buttonholes
Handmade buttonholes
Corozo buttons
Corozo buttons

10 11

Hand stitched lapel
Hand stitched lapel


side tabs
side tabs

Gruen Swiss Automatic


2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (4 May 2014)

  1. are the trouser side tabs functional? I ask this because I don’t see any lose space that can actually be tightened (usually side tabs are placed between two lines of stitches). Have you considered trouser waistline without any interfacing and thus making it less stiff?

    1. Thanks for your comment. If you have properly fitted trousers waist, the side tabs help to tighten the waist. Therefore, only slight adjustments from the side tabs are needed to hold the trousers in place. Trousers without interlining in the waist are possible but not recommended for formal trousers. It’s okay with informal trousers. Moreover, my trousers do not very stiff waists interlinings. And finally, yes, the side tabs are functional and allows me to wear the trousers without braces. Thanks again, Shahzaman

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