What I am wearing today (27 May 2014)

Today I am wearing a gray pinstripe double breasted suit, a blue cotton shirt with French cuffs and tabbed collar, a blue on blue striped tie, a blue linen pocket square, and a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes with an overshoe (it was raining today).









5 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (27 May 2014)

  1. hello Mr. Shahzaman

    Beautiful dress I really like the style and color

    I sent an article about the use of the handkerchief in jacket
    Hope you like it
    I translated with google

    30 Reasons to wear a handkerchief in the breast pocket of his jacket

    Few would pretexts against, if it is the only real shame would be to own for they will say. Someone else may be caused by the “modern” , whose proceed – glitz or mocking him or discredit an extraordinary admiration for transient – understood as a momentary current . The truth is that elegance, can not be complete without a good scarf.

    These are the arguments that have been gathering :
    1.This pocket was made for that purpose. Host it inside.
    2.In order to facilitate this supplement have manually.
    3.Sabemos its history and we look with the legitimacy that it confers .
    4.All -eternal – knights have worn with pride and style, for centuries.
    5.can be offered act of gallantry – in – a lady who needed it urgently .
    6.Pocos supplements are more delicate than one of these in hand silk edged .
    7.Es a complement with which beautify any suit . Always sum .
    8.Rompe uniformity of dress, which otherwise is fed up and monotonous.
    9.Aporta a new article that enjoy spruce .
    10.Es where the essence is concentrated on our good taste .
    11.Podremos choose a beautiful fabric, which should not be used for any other garment.
    12.Su election, to be consistent with the opportunity that we went , the whole label .
    13.A jacket that is not sporting a “pocket square” is incomplete .
    14.The ” pochette ” mark – positively – our individuality and personality.
    15.When is integrated , it becomes impossible without it. Or his forgetfulness .
    16.Es a cost – of ” change view ” often . Way – very
    17.Pueden use of multiple and varied woven fabrics silk, cotton , linen, cashmere, …
    18.Distingue and difference. And we know that there lies the success .
    19.Combinarlo is a great exercise that helps us to bring the clothes we have.
    20.Cambiaremos our image in multiple ways with our costumes limited.
    21.Posiblemente is the most economical and versatile garment in our wardrobe.
    22.Cuanta factly placement in greater style. It requires little time .
    23.No has rules except that it is never “accurate” to tie. What kit .
    24.Da “life” and constant pattern of light to suit or blazer.
    25.Sus various measures, between 20 and 45 cm – . Makes suits every pocket.
    26.Si tie may be optional in certain occasions. The scarf is a must .
    27.Ofrece varied accommodations; peak in parallel , wrinkled … The same , it seems different.
    28.No allow us to go unnoticed and certainly not be indifferent.
    29.No upset or weight , or hooked … barely moves . Functionally it is perfect.
    30.Por to contradict Lorenzo Caprile characters – as – you are not able to defend their views without attacking or trying to belittle the rest.


  2. Dear Mr Mozumder
    I work for a men’s magazine in India, and often browse through your blog. You have an exceedingly fine taste in clothes and shoes. How many pairs of shoes do you have and where do you pick them up from?

    1. Dear MKM, thank you for your compliment. As you may have guessed I love shoes. Before wearing a pair I personally polish the shoe (I do the same with the suits, iron in this case) and after returning home again clean the shoes, insert the shoe trees, and store them inside shoe bags. I do nor wear the same pair on successive days because leather need rest. Therefore, my shoes last a very long time. Now, coming to how many pairs I have–i think it should be around 50-60. Some shoes are hardly worn. I think a well dressed person needs a minimum of 12 good dress shoes. Anything above that number is optional. Thanks again. Shahzaman

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