What I am wearing today (11 June 2014)

I have not been well for the last few days–nothing serious but painful. Consequently, I was absent from office and therefore no posts since last Thursday. The culprit has been gout. I tend to get gout attacks occasionally, particularly when my red meat intake increases. Anyway, I am recovering fast and I was feeling well enough today to visit the office for the first time this week. Here are some photographs in informal attire.






4 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (11 June 2014)

  1. hello Mr Shahzaman

    Sorry for your Disease
    And I’m glad your speedy recovery
    To look good


  2. Why I am impressed that you even have shoes on. When this happens to me I usually am wearing sneakers or even sandals.

    1. Dear Robert:

      Thanks for your comment. This is the most comfortable pair of shoes I own–it’s a Mephisto with a very comfortable inner sole. I did not wear any socks. By this time the attack had subsided and it was possible to walk with some minor discomfort. Shahzaman

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