What I am wearing today (16 June 2014)


Today I am wearing a light blue wool/silk blend 2-button notch-lapel  (fishtail lapel) suit, a light pink cotton shirt with single cuffs, a pink/red/blue striped silk tie, a blue/pink checked linen pocket square, and a pair of brown oxford brogue shoes.






2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (16 June 2014)

  1. Hello Mr Shahzaman 16 de Junio de 2014

    Thanks for the congratulations on the win Colombia selection over Sweden selection
    On Thursday the selection Colombia faces selection against Ivory Coast (African)
    People are very optimistic of winning

    Yesterday we had presidential elections
    And our president (Santo) was reelected for another four years
    Hopefully we fence well

    I hope the following article will be interesting for you
    I translated with google

    8 tips to extend the life of your ties


    Run away from the dry cleaners, the knot in reverse or roll them instead of hanging are some guidelines that will ensure us more time to enjoy our favorite tie

    A quality tie will require only minimal care to accompany its owner for many years.

    The main enemies of the tie are stains and snags. While there are stains that can not be avoided unfortunately others have a minimum of care itself could be remedied. For example, you should ensure you have the totally clean to make the knot to avoid staining such a visible part of the tie hands.

    As is the case with the suits, with shirts and shoes, deject attention to a few standards may also increase the life of the ties also enduring its original appearance:

    1. One of the accessories you see in the dry cleaners are certainly very reluctantly, neckties. While stains shirt and suit can be treated at home, produced on neckties are much more difficult to remove and the help offered by dry cleaners is a priori interesting. However, most dry cleaners, not all make havoc on neckties and while visiting them after the spots disappear, so will the color and the main characteristics of the fabric.

    Two. De drop a stain on his tie avoided at all costs use a stain remover. These stain besides leaving a fence around the spot also kill the original features of the tie. On the contrary, when the spot is still recent, you will need help from a very soft sponge and apply cold water on that spot to prevent it from entering the silk tie. If this does not give result a toothbrush and water will be used and a little soap lightly rubbed on the affected part.

    March. Wrinkles are after stains and snags the third major threat that ties faced by its mere use. One of the most important to avoid wrinkling, especially in the part of the knot is undone in the reverse process when knotted to prevent the interlining to deform and consequently finished silk tie afeándose recommendations. To discard tie abruptly over time highly marked up wrinkles appear part of the knot, in the worst cases, the tie can not fall cleanly leaning to one side or another.

    April. Similarly, when knotted tie make sure not to pinch the knot in excess as marking much the interlining will deform and as time goes on and the knot or the look of silk at that point will be the same as when the tie was purchased. For the same reason, a necktie never cease with knot tying overnight.

    May. The proper way to store ties into a tie rack is doing or failing in a place where they can rest on whether coiling.

    6. Whether for the suits back to their original position recommended hang in a good perch for neckties also lose their wrinkles will do the same. After hanging tie a tie rack, its weight will cause the corresponding break wrinkles disappear.

    7.’s Board never end and tie to get along. Therefore, even with the most pronounced wrinkles should avoid using the iron. The board may terminate changing the color and texture of the tie. As a result, will always be more convenient exclusively steam ironing them. If there is no choice but to use an iron will to protect tie it using a towel enters both.

    8. If you are making a trip there porta-ties where you can keep one or two ties. Also easy to take with a small box that allows transport several ties in rolled form. Not having any of these options can be transported between them and winding coupling them somewhere in the case where the certainty that they will not be crushed by the hardest parts have.


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