What I am wearing today (7 July 2014)

Suddenly I realized that the way I dress has become very predictable: suits first four days of the week and a jacket/trousers combination for Thursday. I need to break this monotony. Therefore today instead of wearing a suit I chose to wear a jacket/trousers combination. It seems that for some reason I love my new jacket with a shirt-sleeve shoulder. The lightly-padded wool check in brown and beige is handmade, full canvas, 100% silk lined, and all the button holes are hand-sewn. The lapel is also a bit wider than usual. I have paired the jacket with a brown PoW check woolen trousers with 100% silk lining. I chose to wear a light pink shirt with French cuffs with the jacket/trousers combination. I thought a red silk knit tie with small white dots will go nicely with the ensemble. A pink/white check linen pocket square and a brown Tussle Loafer completes today’s attire.  I did not change the watch, i.e., it’s the same Movado I wore yesterday.










shoulders and sleeves
shoulders and sleeves
Sleeve buttons
Sleeve buttons
Pure silk lining
Pure silk lining

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