What I am wearing today (10 July 2014)

Today is Thursday and as usual for Thursday’s I am wearing today a combination. Wearing similar outfits again and again becomes very boring and I felt an urge to wear something new, if not entirely new-maybe a new combination. Therefore, today I am wearing a full canvas silk-lined Sports Jacket with a collar tab and a ticket pocket. The trousers are silk-lined white linen Jodhpurs. To complete this equestrian look I thought I gives me a rare opportunity to  wear my brown Jodhpur  boots. I have hardly seen anyone wearing a tie with Jodhpurs—so I thought let’s do something new not only wear a tie but let’s make the shirt a little bit more interesting. Therefore, I am wearing a purple and white check cotton shirt with white collar and cuffs. This shirt has many more secrets which I will present in future posts. Oh! I forgot to mention the collar is perforated so that I can wear a silver collar pin. I mentioned about the footwear which is a pair of brown Jodhpur boots. I though a white linen pocket square will go nicely with the maroon/black/white silk knit tie. And of course, all the button holes are hand sewn with silk threads.

I would appreciate your comments on this look.









Jodhpur boots
Jodhpur boots
Leather sleeve butons
Leather sleeve butons
Collar tab
Collar tab


2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (10 July 2014)

  1. Hello Mr Shahzaman

    I love this combination
    It is spectacular
    Congratulations on your new boots are beautiful
    I wrote you for your email I hope you can read

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