What I am wearing today (13 August 2014)

Hoping that it will be a sunny morning today, last night I had decided to wear a blue/white seersucker suit with a pair of white buck shoes. However, as it was raining this morning I had to find something different to wear as the seersucker option and rain do not mix well. I found the Sports Jacket and trousers that I am wearing today already ironed and ready to wear and without any hesitation wore them. Today I am wearing this lightly padded woolen brown and beige check handmade suit with 100% silk lining, and a pair of woolen brown trousers with subtle Price of Wales check, a blue cotton shirt club collars and barrel cuffs, a brown silk tie with small white flower patterns,  a printed silk pocket square in blue and brown, and a pair of brown monk-strap shoes.

2014081309 2014081308 20140813072014081305 2014081301 2014081304 2014081303 2014081302

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