What I am wearing today (26 February 2015)

Time has come here in Dhaka to pack up the winter wardrobe and bring out the summer wear. In Bangladesh we have only three months that we call winter and the temperature hovers between 25 and 12 degrees centigrade.

Today being a Thursday, I am wearing a sports jacket and trousers combination. The linen sports jacket is two-buttons notch-lapel and also half lined. I am also wearing a light purple cotton shirt, a black and white knitted wool tie, a white linen pocket square, a silver lapel chain with  pink pearl, a pair of black monk-strap shoes, and a gold-plated Tissot 1853 in a black leather strap.

2015022604 2015022605 2015022606 2015022607 2015022603 Tissot 1853

2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (26 February 2015)

  1. hello Mr Shahzaman

    Beautiful special combination for the summer,
    It is very sporty and looks very elegant
    I miss the Panama hat
    When are you going to give that pleasure to see you with Panama hat


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