What I am wearing today (8 March 2015)

Today I am wearing an olive windowpane 2-button notch-lapel suit with a ticket pocket, a blue candy stripe shirt with white collar, cuffs, and silver collar pin; a yellow/maroon striped silk tie, a maroon silk pocket square, a pink pearl and silver lapel pin, a pair of tan side lacing oxford shoes, and a 1959 vintage manual winding Seiko Laurel watch.

2015030801 2015030802 2015030803 2015030804 2015030807 2015030805Seiko Laurel

6 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (8 March 2015)

  1. My feeling is lapel is too wide and the pair of fold beneath the pants is out of date. Sir, this is absolutely my point of view, forgive me if I am wrong.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You must have noticed that I don’t follow the fashion cycle that changes every year. I have a personal style and of course I experiment a lot. The lapel you commented on is indeed rather wide and I like it that way. I assume that you are a much younger person and maybe for your suit you may consider to go with a narrower lapel. “The fold beneath the pants” , which is also known as “cuffed trouser legs” is a classical style. Some of my trousers are cuffed while others are not. Whether the trousers legs be cuffed or not is a personal preference. I have noticed that many younger persons prefer not to cuff their trousers’ legs. One advantage of cuffing the legs is that the extra weight makes the trousers legs straighter.

      thanks again


  2. I have been following you for sometime now. It helps me figure out what I can match with what. I feel we all dress for ourselves. Which makes each one of unique and interesting individuals. I have always wanted a pair of side lace shoes. I nice change from the normal. So for me I like the whole outfit!

    Robert in Guam

  3. Dear Sir
    I have been following you for couple of months and learnt a lot about men’s style.
    I have three questions
    1. I have come to know from news paper that you will start a dress maker outlet. Is it tru? And if so when and where?
    We are in need of something like that, since many of the existings don’t have the feeling of style.They are simply ignorant of it.
    2. I have a collection of watches, now I decide to add a Mont blank or Cartier. Which should I buy? And is SACO is reliable to purchase or it will be better from abroad.
    3.At banani, there is a shop named “London Touch”and they claim their items are real brand not replica.( Mont blank, gucci, boss, arma, etc)
    Do you have any idea about them?
    Waiting for kind reply.

    1. Dear Daud: thank you for your comments. Please find below answers to your questions: 1. Yes, I have opened an outlet named Dapper Bespoke where we make suits, trousers, shirts, etc., All our suits are full canvas (see this article explaining wht is meant by full canvas suits http://www.artofmanliness.com/2010/02/12/the-art-of-manliness-suit-school-part-i-fused-vs-canvassed-suits/) It is located at the lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka. It’s open Saturday through Thursday, 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. 2. I think it’s best to buy a high value watch from a reputed supplier. If you are a frequent traveler it might be a good idea to buy from abroad. 3. I know London Touch because it’s across the street of where I live (Banani DOHS). They have three shops at the UAE market, including Paris Group. Many of the products they sell are authentic sometimes I also buy from them. However, they also sell replicas and these days replicas are made so perfectly that one has to be very careful when buying high value products such as expensive watches. Use caution when you buy any product from them. But they do sell genuine stuff. You may also notice that some of their fashion products are a little dated.

      I hope you will find the answers useful. thanks again for reading my blog. cheers, Shahzaman

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