What I am wearing today (22 April 2015)

Today I am wearing a woolen steel-blue 2-button notch-lapel suit, a purple/white mini-check cotton shirt with white French cuffs and white collar and silver collar pins, a white/purple striped silk tie, a white linen pocket square, a pair of reddish-brown double-monk strap shoes, and an Omega Deville gold plated TV shaped quartz watch.

2015042201 2015042203 2015042205 2015042202 2015042207 2015042206 Omega Deville Quartz TV Shaped

2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (22 April 2015)

  1. Good morning Shahzaman,

    I have been following your style blog for about a week now and I’m very impressed and inspired by your sense of style. I am in the US and I feel I have a good sense of style, but I am going to use a lot of your tips and techniques and make them my own. I like the ensemble that you are wearing today, by the way because I have a tendency to gravitate to the those colors. I will continue to check your blog from time to time and continue to communicate. Thank you for the blog and keep it up!

    Rochon George

    1. Dear Rochon: Thank you very much for your compliments. A blog’s value depend mostly on the viewers rating. I am therefore very happy to know that you found this blog useful. Thanks, Shahzaman

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