What I am wearing today (07 May 2015)

Today I am wearing a cotton  blue-check 3-button notch-lapel unstructured and unlined sports jacket, a blue/white striped cotton shirt with French cuffs, a red/blue horizontal striped silk-knit tie, a pair of black monk-strap shoes and a vintage gold-plated Omega Seamaster black-dial watch in a black leather strap. I am not wearing a pocket square today.

It seems to me that a light blue shirt (not a stripe) would have been more appropriate with today’s ensemble. The stripes of the shirt and checks of the Sports-jacket appear to be clashing. This could an example of how not mix checks and stripes.

Another minor thing is that today I am wearing a pair of silk-knot cufflinks.









Omega Seamaster date gold plted manual winding black leather strap

5 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (07 May 2015)

  1. Hello sir Shahzaman

    I love the jacket is very sporty
    I agree with you the combination of stripes with pictures not mix

    They make you look very attacked
    My tip would be better with a shirt of a single tone, clear tone trousers and no tie, you’d look very sporty

    P. d. I’m sorry, I do not like the style of the tie

    Today I go shopping
    I’ll buy some jackets
    I would like to send some pictures with new jackets

    happy weekend


  2. Sir,

    I am a frequent reader / follower of your blog and very much enjoy the sartorial elegance and knowledge on men’s style, on this site.

    I agree with your observation on the light blue shirt. In fact any solid color shirt in a lighter shade, would have focused attention exclusively on the excellent jacket, tailor made for the summers. Speaking of which, a tan shoe may have added to the summery / light feel in general, IMHO.

    Do keep posting, it’s wonderful to log into a site at some point of the busy work day, to see a truly well dressed gentleman of refined tastes.

    Shibashish Mukherjee

    1. Dear Shibashish Mukharjee: Thank you very much for your comment and compliments. You are absolutely correct–I realized my mistake just before leaving home but it was too late to change by then. This occurred as I wanted to wear a linen shirt that day and all my solid color linen shirts are being laundered at the moment. Today also I was wearing a similar sports jacket and i did not make the same mistake. But mistakes, either by mistake or due to lack of knowledge is sometimes useful as it offers us opportunities to learn. Thanks again, Shahzaman Mozumder

  3. Greetings from the U.S.! I stumbled across your page a few months back, and have enjoyed it immensely. I love to see what you’ve come up with, and really enjoy what you’re doing with your page.

    Incidentally, I like the combo above. The pairing of large striped tie, with narrow stripe shirt, under the plaid of the jacket is very fun and summer-like. You could have toned it down with a solid shirt, but, in my humble opinion, it would have killed the personality of the outfit. I got a kick out of it, as/is.

    Keep doing what you’re doing. All the best.

    1. Dear Srben: Thank you for your compliment. I am really delighted to know that you enjoy my blog. I think the ensemble in question is rather “busy”, and it could be improved by a light blue colored shirt. Personal preferences are difficult to accommodate and it’s better to sometimes make “mistakes” and occasionally there mistakes are what makes a blog interesting. Without these mistakes the blog may become to boring and predictable. Actually, you are correct. After all “Style is knowing who you are ——“. Thanks again for your comment. Shahzaman

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