What I am wearing today (7 June 2015)

Today I am wearing a gray 2-button notch-lapel Price of Wales check suit, a contrast collar and French cuffs shirt, a brown silk tie with small white dots, a white linen pocket square with brown borders, a pair of black wholecut oxford shoes, and a 1955 vintage Zenith 18k solid gold wrist-watch.

20150607082015060707201506071020150607092015060701 2015060706 2015060705 Zenith 18k solid gold watch 1

7 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (7 June 2015)

    1. Very few people know about this Anglo Swiss Watch Company. I have a few of these watches. I was reading a book by Syed Murtaza Ali, (bother of Syed Mujtaba Ali) where he mentioned that in the 1930s and 40s, the watch everybody wanted to buy was a Cavalry by Anglo Swiss Watch company. Another coveted brand was a Favre Leuba. In those days, Omega and Favre Leuba were brands of comparable value. A cheaper alternative was a Camy. I think my father, a civil servant during 1930-50, also had a Cavalry. Unfortunately the watch was lost when house was looted in 1971. The cavalry brings back lot of memories. Cheers, shahzaman

  1. it is amazing how you got hold of these oxford shoes! how long have you had them? the fabric accent on the shoe compliments the trouser pattern to the fullest. full marks for such attention to detail.

    if you were born in a different continent, Karl Lagerfeld, Oscar de la Renta et. al. would be lining up to take a hint from your style aesthetics.

    1. This pair of shoes is bespoke and made in Bangladesh. I intend to make a few pair of these shoes for some of my other suits. The accompanying briefcase is also similarly made. These bespoke shoes are not very expensive in Bangladesh. Between US$ 200 and 300. A similar briefcase is about US$ 150. A bespoke woolen suit is about US$ 500. Therefore the entire package (suit, shoes, briefcase) comes to about US$ 950! However, it takes about two months to get the entire package. Thanks, shahzaman

      1. Is the bespoke shoe service available to the general public or it is an “exclusive only” service being offered by a leather/tannery export house?

        I never knew you could make bespoke shoes in Bangladesh. I know when Bata has overflowing production orders (during eid and other festivals) they outsource their production to smaller shops and then they ‘quality check’ them.

        Thank you for all of your prompt replies.

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