What I am wearing today (25 June 2015)

Today I am wearing a green/white striped half-lined full-canvas seersucker 2-button notch-lapel sports jacket with two lower patch pockets, a pair of white trousers, a light pink cotton shirt with French cuffs and spread collar, a pink and blue striped silk bow tie, a blue Macclesfield printed silk pocket square, a pair of white bucks, and a Leonard watch in a white leather strap.

2015062505 2015062507 2015062503 2015062502 2015062511 2015062509 2015062510 Leonard watch with white leather strap

2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (25 June 2015)

  1. Good morning Shahzaman,

    This is a fantastic combination and looks very comfortable and fashionable. What happened to your shoes? It’s a bit distracting and takes away from the look a little. Other than that I like very much!


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