What I am wearing today (5 August 2015)

Today I am wearing a woolen crimson-black striped double-breasted (6X2) suit with a ticket pocket  and smoked Mother of Pearl buttons, a white cotton shirt with French cuffs, a deep-maroon silk tie with golden/black designs, a brown/navy silk pocket square, a pair of dark brown whole-cut oxford shoes, and a vintage 18k solid gold Zenith manual winding watch with a split seconds.

2015080506 2015080505 2015080503 2015080507 2015080504 2015080509 2015080510 2015080511 2015080501 2015080508 2015080502

5 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (5 August 2015)

      1. I guess for newbies, it kind of is. I mean, when I’m on the market just to buy a couple of shirts, I’m frustratingly confused as to what to choose and what would look good. :/

      2. I think the trick is to know which colors suit your complexion. Nevertheless, you have to go through a learning process and part of the process is to make mistakes. I think in this age of the Internet, it is rather easy to know stuff if you put a little effort. I hope my blog helps.

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