What I am wearing today (14 September 2015)

Today I am wearing a woolen blue double-breasted suit, a blue/white striped cotton shirt with French cuffs, a royal blue silk tie, a Macclesfield printed silk pocket square, and a pair of brown cap-toed oxford shoes.

Normally a double-breasted suit is either has a 6X1 or 6X2 (alternatively 4X1 and 4X2) button configuration. 6X1 means there are six buttons on the outside of the suit jacket out of which only one is fastened. 6X2 means out of 6 buttons two can be fastened. Today’s suit is made is such a manner so that it can be worn either as a 6X1 or 6X2. Today I am however wearing the suit as a 6X1.

No change in watch.








2 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (14 September 2015)

  1. Hello sir Shahzaman

    Time without greeting
    Today has a spectacular suit I love the color
    Thanks for the explanation breasted suit dress.


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