What I am wearing today (10 December 2015)

Today I am wearing a woolen navy double-breasted blazer (6X2) with golden metal buttons, a pair of mid-gray trousers, a light blue cotton shirt with French cuffs and collar pin, a blue/navy striped silk tie, a blue and golden printed silk pocket square, a pair of black Chelsea (Beatles) boots, and a vintage Omega Constellation Chronometer Automatic watch.


5 thoughts on “What I am wearing today (10 December 2015)

  1. Very smart sir, you look ready for Goodwood. I have a question concerning how you keep your clothes free of damp in a country where moisture can be an issue?
    I live in Central America and we have about 95% humidity most of the time and I have trouble keeping my jackets and trousers free of ‘mustiness’… any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks & regards.

    1. thank you for your comments. Our country is also very humid hot and humid. I use a silica gel product in the wardrobe that helps me control the humidity. Also, regular exposure to sun and air helps.

      1. Many thanks, I shall look out for silica and follow your advise re sun and air. About to wheel my clothes rail out into the garden for some sun!
        I’m in Belize by the way, my family have a tailor shop opened in here in 1906, prior to that they tailored in Merida, Mexico.

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