What I am wearing today (22 February 2016)

Summer is knocking at the door. This year it seems to have arrived early. Today is only 22 February. I was under the impression that cool weather would prevail until first week of March. Unfortunately, that is not the case it seems.

What is the best suiting material for summer? I find linen to be the most agreeable fabric followed by seersucker. While the both linen and seersucker are good, the challenge is to keep them tidy until the end of the day. For linen achieving that is almost impossible while for seersucker the damage is not that severe. The third fabric suitable for summer is low weight wool—the weight of the wool should be less than 250 grams per meter. Anything over 250 grams would be uncomfortable unless one is always in an office where the temperature is kept below 20 degrees centigrade.

Therefore, if you consider comfort, looks, feel, tidiness, etc., then wool is a very good choice. However, I have noticed that many people mistakenly think that wool is only suitable for summer. In fact most executive summer suits are made of wool. I also recommend summer suits be half lined.

Today I am wearing a tan linen 2-button notch-lapel suit with a ticket pocket, a blue cotton shirt with white collar and French-cuffs, a mahogany brown silk tie with small white dots, a blue silk pocket square with brown dots, a pair of brown spectator oxford shoes, and a vintage Van Der Bauwede chronograph watch in a brown leather strap.


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