About Shahzaman Mozumder, Bir Protik

My name is Shahzaman Mozumder. I had the privilege of participating in my country’s war of liberation in 1971, when I was 16. Though I don’t think so, others around me thought I was brave enough to deserve a gallantry award. so, they gave me a award titled, “Bir Protik,” when translated into English it means “Symbol of a Hero.” I think it’s an apt title as I represent all those gallant freedom fighters of 1971 whose gallantry could not be recognized for various reasons.

Professionally, I have been involved with Information Technology business since 1980 and these days I manage an IT company of about 200 people.

From the very beginning, as far as I can remember, I wanted to be a well dressed individual. This urge has led me to study various aspects of men’s fashion and apply those to improve my own ensembles.

Recently, it has occurred to me that many people, particularly those that are interested in being well dressed can benefit from my knowledge.

This a website on men’s style. If you enjoy being welldressed, this site is for you. I would very much appreciate your comments. You are also most welcome to ask me your style related questions. I will try my best to answer them.

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  1. Dear Shahi

    Just excellent, a very impressive and informative web-site for Bangladeshi people, most of them hardly knows how to dress, so such website will work as a panacea. I think the Government Officials must browse this website on a regular basis, who has such a peculiar sense of dressing.

    May I request you to kindly suggest some dress combinations for middle structured dark person like me and most of the Bangladeshi, specially which shirt goes with which trousers. Specially, if someone neck is short and looks shorter then his height, then how he can look taller as his height.

    Will wait for your reply.



    1. Dear Sir
      My name is DavidRaschid ,i wouid very much like to forward a copy of my resume to you.I have worked in the mens sartorial section for over 35 years,in Nyc & in London i also have an associates degree from the stone school of buisness in connecticut USA My last job was the KIton group in the USA,prior to that i was with Brioni for twelve years
      I am of Bangladeshi origin grown up in london & USA
      i would be grateful if i can set up an appointment with you
      Kind regards
      David Raschid

      1. Dear sir
        great pleasure talking with you on the phone.I will Schedule a appointment with you once i put my itenary together for Dhaka. i look forward to be meeting with you
        best DavidRaschid

  2. Dear Omar:

    Find below my suggestion for you:

    To Look Taller and to elongate the neck:

    • Always wear shirt’s with narrow-spread collars; never wear spread collar which will accentuate your short neck. You may also wear tailor made collars which are smaller than standard collars. Do not wear readymade shirts because their collars and made for people with average neck length.
    • Wear clothes that fit well because if it’s too tight or too loose, it will make you look fatter and shorter.
    • Wear solid colors, preferably in the same color range, from head to toe.
    • Limit stripes to very fine, subdued, and close-together versions.
    • Wear trousers at the natural waist (never below).
    • Do not wear a belt because a belt focuses attention on your middle and accentuates your short stature.
    • Wear suspenders with button loops, never clips. If you don’t want to wear suspenders, use trousers tabs.
    • Avoid too many accessories.
    • If you wear a tie, be sure your tie touches the waistband and that it is medium in width.
    • Avoid busy patterns.
    • Wear vertical stripes. Never wear anything with horizontal stripes.
    • Your shirts should not have any pockets. If you have them, never put anything in that pocket (like pens, etc.) that can attract attention.

    Your best colors are: Ivory, tan, blue, green, pink, yellow, violet.

    Colors you should avoid are: Dark gray and blue.

  3. The website seems anything but ‘uncool’. Reminds me of a couple of quotes, one by Bernard Shaw and the other Anonymous which is pretty much a popular one,” Man’s personality is judged by the shoes he wears.” So, true. I can see them come alive in you and in your own website. What Bernard Shaw once said long ago has now become a Marketer’s credo,” Fashion is nothing but an induced epidemic”.
    May your journey that started with a noble cause 41 years ago, finds its mojo in the fashion world also and become truly a “Mark of a Hero” or BIR PRATIK ..
    I am sure , you are working on to develop your ‘brand ideal’ and a tag line . I am particularly intrigued by the brand ideals of Louis Vuitton which embodies brands that ‘inspire exploration’. As the story goes, 200 years ago when he was old enough to travel, he braved to make a 400-km journey by foot to Paris to become an apprentice luggage maker, and only to start his own company soon, which has become a such dominant force in the fashion industry today . Now, Louis Vutton is running a powerful campaign which it has named as “Core Values”.
    We all feel so inspired when we see the print ad of this campaign which features Angelina Jolie on a boat with a caption : A SINGLE JOURNEY CAN CHANGE THE COURSE OF A LIFE .
    Wish you good luck ,Shah Jamal!

  4. Dear Shahzaman

    Thanks a million, I followed your prescription, and the Chief Judge of my life i.e. my wife said that you look good and tall. I just started wearing shirt’s with small collar, but kindly elaborate a little more about “narrow-spread collars”:, send me photo if you have. What are the tailors that you recommend. Two things will be difficult for me to change i.e. pocket-less shirt and avoiding belts. Now keep those what can be your recommendation.



    1. Dear Omar:

      I am glad that the “Chief Judge” approves my suggestions. Omar, at 5 feet 8 inches, you are not short. Like me, you are also medium height and a belt will not be a disadvantage for you. If you want to look taller than 5’8”, try our my suggestions.



  5. Dear Mr. Mozumder,

    First of all – great site! I like your style, and your guidelines and tips are quite effectively laid out on the site. I’ll be in Europe for a year studying in an MBA program where I’ll have to wear a suit on several occasions. As a traveling student, I cant take too many clothes with me. I would like to take 2-3 basic suits and 5-6 dress shirts. Based on your blog, I think I have a mesomorph body type. I have very broad shoulders, but have a relatively small waist and am 6 feet tall.

    Given the above, what are the are the 3 essential kind of suits and shirts a guy like me should have? I would really appreciate your thoughts.

    1. Dear Mr. Kabir:

      Thank you for your compliments. I will try to answer your question to the best of my abilities.

      I think you must have the following two suits:

      1. A dark blue/Navy two button (as you are 6 feet tall, 3 buttons is also possible. But 2 button is better.
      2. A charcoal gray 2-button suit.
      Both the suits you can wear day and night. The charcoal gray looks almost black at night and should be handy during formal parties when you will wear it with a white shirt.
      3. I would very strongly recommend a solid navy blazer with golden metal buttons. With this you should have two trousers, one in medium ash and the other in tan. A navy blazer is a versatile garment and you can both dress up or down with it. At night, pair the blazer with the ash trousers and use tan for the day.You can even wear the blazer with a denim.
      4. I would recommend at least three crisp white dress shirts, two blue (of different light shades), and one or two light pink.
      5. one brown trousers, one cream or light colored chinos or cotton trousers. Maybe one black trousers.
      5. Two shoes, one black and one brown. Both oxfords or one oxford and the other derby. Wear black with charcoal and blue (navy); wear brown with navy, blue, suits/jackets.
      6. A walking shoe and a sandal will also be helpful.
      7. Socks to match your trousers or just buy black and brown socks. Wear black with black shoe and charcoal suits, brown with brown trousers.
      8. Europe can become quite cold during the winter. You will need appropriate garments for those occasions. That you can decide when you are there.
      9. You should also have some informal t-shirts, sleeping attire, etc.

      I think an initial wardrobe would be quite appropriate for someone completing an MBA. (I wish I had the above wardrobe when I was doing my MBA.)

      I think the above helps.



  6. Thanks a lot for the comprehensive list! I am copying and pasting it on to a document, and turning it into a shopping list!

    Thanks again.

  7. Greatly enjoyed skimming through your blog, Mr. Mozumder. Being a watch aficionado myself, the classics on your wrists were really a sight. I am trying to build up a small collection of watches myself. But as it stands, a good mechanical costs a fortune and I wouldn’t settle for a quartz. Nevertheless will try to visit your blog from time to time to get new insights into what looks good and what doesn’t.


    1. Dear Mr. Ahmed: Thank you for reading my posts. I am very happy to know that you liked the watches. Please do visit my blog when you have time.

      Meanwhile, I browsed through your blog and liked it a lot and I intend to revisit your blog regularly.

      Thanks and regards,


  8. Zaman bhai, thanks a lot for this venture. Learned and am learning.

    But one thing that visitors who haven’t met you won’t know. Your deep voice that goes with your attire making an impression that lasts a lifetime.

    1. It took me a few years and some wasted fabric, but finally I have been able to train one. Actually, the skills of many Dhaka tailors are quite good. With proper guidance they perform satisfactorily.

      1. thank you. i guess without endorsing any particular tailor (although other forums such as styleforum where u are a member do endorse) would u so kind as to create a list of maybe 3 that i could approach after arriving from London? do they stock material or do u get them from elsewhere ? thanks once again ….


        London surgeon

      2. I go to only one and if you go to the same tailor yourself you not get the proper service. It’s because the tailoring standard in Bangladesh is under par mostly due to lack of fashion awareness of the consumers. So, if you want to try my tailor, let me know when you are in Dhaka. I might even be able to send him to you. Regards, Shahzaman

  9. Dear Zaman bhai,

    Previously, we used to get update each working day around 11 am. Lately, its a bit irregular. Are you loosing interest? Please don’t…

    just because there are not enough comments in the blog doesn’t mean people are not following it.

    Best regards,

    1. Thank you for your comment Roem. Comments make a blog interesting. No I am not losing interest. I was a little busy writing another set of blog articles unrelated to style. Moreover, sometimes I get busy and posting gets delayed. Shahzaman

      1. As always, impressed by your prompt response even in your busy schedule. Zaman bhai, I met you only once. One of these days would definitely get a time from you to spend 30 minutes with you.
        that is, if you do forgive my inappropriate attire. I am generally in casual dress most of the time.

        Best regards,

  10. Zaman bhai,
    You have an astounding collection of rare watches. How do you keep them? I mean, I have trouble maintaining my watches, so I stopped wearing them. Its hard to find a watch you like and even harder to keep them working.

    Do let me know. It would help me a lot.

    Best regards,

    1. If you are a mechanical watch aficionado in Bangladesh, first you need to know a good watch mechanic. It is because you need not only to periodically service the watches in your collection but also restore the vintage watches which you would collect in the course of your hobby. Also, let me correct you–I don’t have an astounding collection. I only have a modest collection of some watches. I would be very interested to set up a vintage watch club in Bangladesh so that we can not only exchange information but also duplicate watches in our collection. Thanks for your comment.

      1. You have a very enticing collection Zaman bhai. On top of it, yours are vintages. Finding them must be pretty difficult and requires a lot of heart and passion.
        Mine were contemporary models of Kenneth Cole or Tag Heuer. And to my great agony, those are all wasted now. Because I didn’t maintain them properly.

        Best regards,

  11. Hello Mr. Mozumder,

    FIrst of all I would like to say that I am thoroughly impressed by your style, depth of knowledge and efforts to share your knowledge. I didn’t know there were men like you in Bangladesh let alone Dhaka! A true connoisseur of the finer things.

    I am a young man from the UK here in Bangladesh, working on an indefinite basis. I am into my fashion and style, which draws me to your blog! I am really into vintage apparel and a good suit. I am writing to you to gain some knowledge on where to shop for good quality clothing and acessories within Dhaka, I can’t seem to AND don’t know where to find shops that deal with items such as quality classic shoes such like the ones you have in your photos.

    I would also like some information on good tailors in Dhaka, someone who is up to date with modern cuts and designs, is able to update classic styles OR at least someone who can understand what I want with ease. (essentially I would like a tailor who can produce a good slim fitted suit with additional alterations)

    I would be ever so greatful if you could bestow your knowledge upon me!

    1. Dear Mr. Ahmed: Thank you very much for your comment and compliments. I am also encouraged to that you are into “fashion and style.”

      1. Shopping in Dhaka: It’s difficult to get good suiting materials in Dhaka. I normally get my stuff from abroad or online. One favorite site is http://www.hst.com.sg
      I order online and ask them to deliver in our Head Office in Singapore. For ties and pocket squares one good source is http://www.samhober.com. I have used Sam Hober and they ship to Bangladesh. You will need an international credit card–I think you know that.

      2. I have trained a tailor in Bangladesh and all my suits are made by him. I must warn you that the first few suits made by my tailor were garbage and I had to discard them. However, over time the tailoring improved and now it works for me nicely.

      3. You will not get good shoes in Bangladesh. Most of my shoes are either English or Italian. I buy shoes whenever I travel.

      4. If you want to try my tailor, please let me know.

      I hope you find the above useful.

      With best regards,


      1. Hi! Shahzaman Mozumder. I really want to know, who is ur tailor? Cause I need to make one for myself. Thanks in Advance

      2. All my suits and shirts are made by Dapper Bespoke Tailoring located at the lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, Dhaka.

        Also you should know that I own Dapper Bespoke.

        Thanks for your comment,


      3. Hi Shahzaman,

        I’m actually visiting Dhaka in a couple months. As a foreigner i was wondering if you could recommend any tailors to visit in Dhaka for a custom bespoke tailored suit.

        Please could you tell me in what price ranges am i looking to pay for a single breasted double button formal suit. Would it be possible to be able to get a tailored suit made to order within 10 days? even if additional expenses are paid?

        Please advise.

        Kind regards,

        Junaid Yaseen

      4. Dear Mr. Yaseen: thank you very much for your comment. I would recommend Dapper Bespoke, located at shop # 352/352, tel-01719009558. Police Plaza Concord Shopping Center, Gulshan-1. Their normal turnaround time is 3 weeks, which includes three fittings. I am not sure if they can do it in ten days. The price range for a full-canvas bespoke suit is between Taka 30,000 and 50,000, depending on fabric.

        By the way, all the suits you see in my blog is made by Dapper Bespoke.

      5. Shahzaman,

        I would like to thank you for replying back to my message so quickly, I have not seen any new material on the blog and was worried that you have left this behind.

        I have seen from an earlier post by yourself that you are a co-owner of the Dapper Bespoke group, i suppose it would be unfair of me to ask about other tailors in Dhaka. However, I must say i am impressed with your blog, and your manner to those that follow you on this site. I will be visiting Dhaka in December, i will be sure to visit your recommended store when i do and would love to meet you in person.

        I appreciate that 10 days is not enough time for several fittings, so i thought i would ask you for advice on what is feasible in terms of completion. I will be arriving into Dhaka on the 10th December- will certainly visit your shop on same day, and will be leaving Dhaka on the 27th December. Unfortunately, most of my time in Bangladesh will be spent up following my best friends wedding.

        In the past i have used the services of Raja Tailors, also known as Hong Kong Tailors, for bespoke suits. I am slightly nerved about some of the reviews i have heard from Suit tailors in Bangladesh being mixed reviews. Your blog puts me at somewhat ease that there is a good tailor in Bangladesh, and look forward to visiting.

        I hope that the prices for suits include a tailored shirt also! Do tell your master tailor to book me in on the 10th December. I will make a trip to your store a yearly task if i think craftsmanship is as good as my other tailors, ill be sure to bring with me some audit professionals for you to turn into believers of Bangladesh talent!

        Best Regards,


  12. Dear Mr Mozumder,

    I am a male software engineer and I was hoping if I could work for you in your firm.
    I would be immensely grateful and privileged.

    Working for you will mean the world to me – I’ll be able to bask in your presence and relish and have pleasure in seeing you in your very enviable attire and to have a look at your collection of fine watches.

    You are a sign of sophistication, a sign of a true connoisseur in men’s style, a beacon to guide men to greater style enlightenment.

    Oh I wish.

    Best Regards,
    Mana Deys

    1. Thank you for your comment and encomium. This is a blog which is not related to my work. This blog is a passion. I am, however, not sure how to respond to your wish to work for my company because I don’t handle employment issues. Regards, Shahzaman

  13. Dear Mr. Mozumder,

    Just saw your dresses (specially shoes and watches)…And i can say a word “WOW”….Please don’t show me your collection; if i get a chance to see your collection physically then i will steal your watches and shoes.

    Rashed Sorwar Rupam

  14. Dear Mr. Mozumder
    Didnt realise people like you existed in Bangladesh! what would you recommend to someone who is dark skinned? I tend to always choose blue simply because I like it not because it suits me, I think light colours are suited to dark skin tones?
    Shahajan Miah

    1. Thank you. Regarding what is best for people with a darker shade, it will also on your hair and eye color. I am assuming that your hair color is black. If that is the case, a darker skin color with black hair puts you in the “low-contrast” category. On the other hand if you have gray hair, you will be in the “high-contrast” category.

      If you have dark skin and black hair and eyes, you should wear white, pink, baby blue, khaki, light gray. Check out http://www.askmen.com/fashion/fashiontip_200/222_fashion_advice.html.

      thanks again for commenting.


      1. OK great, I was hoping to avoid pink but my wife will be very happy!
        As you are aware there are hundreds of websites on mens fashion, below are some I also find amusing and interesting which you may not have come across:
        There are many many more I look at when I am bored! by the way if you are ever in London you are most welcome to come to my family restaurant, a few streets away from Tower Bridge.

      2. Thank you for the information and for your invitation. In fact, I often take inspirations from some of the Internet sites you have mentioned. You see the Internet has placed a great role in shaping my current style awareness. One major purpose of my site is to pass on whatever I know to those that are interested. I wish there was something like this site (and others too) when I started affording to have my own style.

        I am sure to take advantage of your invitation to visit your restaurant when in London.

        Regards, Shahzaman

        P.S. do post a photo with your new pink shirt!

  15. Sir it’s amazing & encouraging to see your fashions & collections regularly.
    One request from me can you please suggest something for me. I’m an IT sales person working in Bangladesh, wanted to be well dressed but I’m loosing my hairs and it seems in the last stage (which looks me aged in the wrong time). Can you please suggest some thing for me. My height is 5’9″. Will be really grateful.

  16. You are welcome at anytime, I actually have a pink shirt! and pinkish red trousers (which I find suits brownish South Asian people very well and which my wife loves!)) that I wear in the summer, not together of course!. I notice your email address from a previous comment, I shall send you our details for when you are next in London.
    Shahajan MIah

    1. I would love to see your pinkish-red trousers. Very interesting color for men’s trousers. Today (19 September) the color of my trousers divided the office folks into two groups–some liking it while the others hating it intensely. I think one needs a certain level of courage to wear interesting colors. Take care, cheers, Shahzaman

  17. You have incredible style. How many suits do you own? How many do you suggest a man have who is starting a collection and what colors?

    Also, do you pick the tie then the shirt to match or do you first pick the shirt then find the tie?


    Ps – KILLER shoes. All Italian?

    1. Dear Jeff:

      Thank you very much for your compliments. If I had to recreate a wardrobe from scratch, I would do as follows:

      1. Gray suits: The most versatile suit color is, of course, gray. Charcoal, mid, light, and pinstripe. You can also have many other types of grayish suits. However, for the first ten suits, stick to the basics.

      2. The next versatile color is blue: Navy, midnight, light, medium—there are so many different shades. The darker shades are more versatile.

      3. Once you have a number of gray and blue suits, you may experiment with other colors like brown (there are many different shades), green, and other colors. For me, I seem to be wearing mostly shades of gray and blue.

      4. Though I have a few black suits, currently I hold the opinion that investing in a black suit is a waste. It’s better to have a dark charcoal gray suit, which looks like black at night. A dark charcoal gray suit can also be worn in all other formal occasions, including funerals.

      The above in my two cents on how to build a versatile suit wardrobe.

      Not all my shoes are Italian. I buy shoes from all over the globe. Whenever I am travelling, I buy shoes. Therefore, I have English, Italian, American, Spanish, French, Korean, Thai, and Bangladeshi made shoes.

      Thanks again,


    2. I forgot to answer the second part of your question about how I pick my ensemble. For me it starts with the suit. Next is shirt, followed by tie and pocket square. The suit also determines the shoe color. Thanks, Shahzaman

  18. Dear Mr Mazumder,

    I ran into you at a wedding reception recently and mentioned to you I was a fan of your blog. I’m very keen to know when the tailoring operations you mentioned in the DT article would begin. I often find myself in suits for work, and am deeply unsatisfied with the inconsistency of local men’s tailors. I’m currently holding off on ordering a few suits in anticipation of your wares.

    Warm wishes,


    1. Thank you for your compliments. I hope to start operation from 1 February. We hope to be able to meet your sartorial expectations. The name of the shop is Dapper and located at the Pan Pacific Sonargoan Hotel lobby.



  19. I came to know about your blog today and found this amazing. I did not know people like you actually exist in Dhaka. Apart from the fashion, I am very much interested in taking a look on your entire collection of watches. Cheers for style awareness!! Salute for what you did in liberating us on 1971!!

  20. Lately i came to know about your blog. I think this is an awesome initiative that you have taken, and a lot will benefit from the ideas you share.

  21. Your blog is awesome. I came to know about your blog from “Prothom Alo”. But, all of your fashion items are so costly and seems fit for posh people. Would you please provide some fashion tips for middle income people as most of our country people are not rich.

    1. Firs, thank you for your compliments. Next, you should know that I come from a middle class background and lost my father when I was three months old and had a childhood that not financially sound. However, I wanted to be somebody, studied hard, and worked hard. Before getting a job I could not afford a suit. Today, I can afford many things which was a dream to me before, My blog is for those that want’s to strive and achieve. I am only showing them some ropes to reach that goal. Thanks, Shahzaman

  22. one fine day i was on the line,waiting for lift at BDBL building and saw a person entering from front,he was so damn good looking and his outfit,and the way he carried his outfit,i was stuned by his first impression,Then I enterd into lift,thn my eys stuck into another guys wrist watch who was with him,wearing a simple tag heuer,becoz i love wrist watch,but what an impression, i must say,have never seen such charismatic stunning middle age man ever before,and it was YOU. today i was searching on net for west end watch and saw your blog.i will be glad to have some tips and gain some knowledge from you.thanx

  23. Shahi Bhai or may I refer to you as Dapper Don of Bangladesh. After speaking to you the other day i just visited your blog, very impressed and so original! Will drop by when in Dhaka.

    Best of luck.

  24. Sir, I look forward to having the chance to browse at your shop in the Pan Pacific next time I’m in Dhaka. On my previous visits, I (like others who posted here) considered finding a local tailor for shirts and suits. Last year I had a few kurtas made up at a tailor shop in Gulshan, but wasn’t entirely happy with the result (which put me off the suits/shirts idea for a while). However, I realize that patience is paramount. I hope you might be available for a coffee or chai because I’d be quite interested in any recommendations you might have.

    Many thanks, and keep up the great blog.

    1. Dear Chris:

      Thank you very much for your comments. I would be delighted to meet you next time you are in Dhaka. Please call me at 01711-547571 and let me know a time and place suitable to you. The pan pacific Dhaka could be a good location for coffee and chat.

      At Dapper, we are making Shirts, Trousers, and Suits. For both shirts and trousers, one trial is required while for suit we need three trials. We make only 100% canvassed suits (as opposed to fused suits).

      The average price range (fabric + tailoring) is approximately US$ 70 for shirts (Egyptian cotton); and about US$ 150 for trousers (100 wool or linen), Suit prices start at about US$ 375 and up, depending on fabric.

      We are in the process of designing Dapper’s website and it may take another two months before its on-line. This website will allow our customers to browse the available fabric. We are in the process of implementing a cloud based tailor shop management software which will allow our customers’ to track their orders online.

      We also intend to take orders through the Internet and ship via DHL/UPS/FEDEX etc. This will initially be offered for our existing customers (we already have their final measurements) and later to others.



  25. dear Mr. Mozumder,

    I stumbled across your blog researching fish mouth lapels.

    It is great that you have established this blog as it is very interesting to see sartorial stories from places other than Europe and America.

    Given the climate in Dhaka, I was wondering what fabric weights you choose for your suiting and jacketing. Some don’t look overly lightweight. I realize most of us tend to work in offices with air conditioning but I am still interested in how you select fabrics for your commissions.

    As well, on your grey odd jacket with the throat latch (lapel tab) I would like to know how you came to include this design element along with a ticket pocket. Were you specifically trying to combine city and country elements for a dandyish look?

    I also commend you for striving to raise the sartorial knowledge and encourage better dressing amongst your countrymen. People the world over could stand to learn a few of the things you espouse.

    I have more questions but I will reserve them for later

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Dear Gary:

      Thank you for your comment.

      The climate of Bangladesh is hot and humid. A suit is really not a suitable garment for this climate. The most appropriate attire for Bangladesh must be something made of light, loose fitting, breathable cotton or linen. A good example would be what is worn by Nobel Laureate Prof. Mohammad Yunus (google the name).

      Having being raised in a civilization dominated by the West, our idea of being well dressed is influenced by the center of the civilization—the West. Therefore, western attire is very standard in local business and industry.
      Now, if I must wear Western style clothing in hot and humid climates, what would be relatively more appropriate?

      In my experience the weave of the fabric is the most important consideration. Loose weave allowing air to flow through is probably the most important criterion for selecting comfortable fabric for hot and humid climates. Therefore, most of my wardrobe consists of summer weight wool or wool blend, linen, and cotton. Also, it should be noted that if a suit is made using fusing technology which makes the suit “unbreathable” then the suit will not be comfortable. And finally, the lining. In my view the best lining is pure silk and not Bamberg or Rayon acetate not to mention nylon or other artificial lining. Many of my suits are also half-lined. Most of my suit fabric would be between 220 to 250 grams/meter.
      Technology has enabled us to simulate preferable environments and office temperature is kept around 22-25 degrees centigrade, allowing suits to be worn. Most cars are also air-conditioned and a suit is not uncomfortable to wear.

      You ask a very interesting question—mixing of throat latch, which is typically a feature of country attire, and ticket pocket which is more “city” type.

      You it’s a hybrid design and you can say it is a kind of experiment to differentiate sports jacket from each other. Since now I own my own cutting and tailoring facility, I want to experiment with additional hybrid designs. One such attempt was the recent “Travel Jacket” where I put a pocket for keeping the passport. The jacket is still work in progress because it needs further improvements. Many people may however jeer the at the idea of such a non-conventional pocket. But then again, this is for faint-heart.

      I think innovation needs certain levels of courage because the mainstream would always like to play it safe. A mixture of adventurism and conservatism may be inherent in everybody—in different degrees. For example, for Black tie I don’t like the current trend of making compromises like not wearing a cummerbund or waistcoat. This is like the idea of making some changes to the Taj Mahal—I think most would hate that idea because the Taj is not only a building but also an institution. Therefore, it’s necessary to preserve the sanctity of some of our institutions as they are in a sense timeless, though I realize that there is really nothing “timeless” as everything must change and it’s only a matter of time.

      Thanks again for your comment and you are most welcome to ask me any other questions.


  26. Take Salam. Hope you are fine. Firstly, Thank you so much for this work.

    Everyone is busy all the with girls style. Thank god I found a man yet, who are working for men. I really like him. Very glad to see it. There are many things to learn. Pictures are very nice. You looks so wonderful…

    Superb Blog! I just love it!

  27. Dear Sir,
    Just wanted to say how impressed I am with your very informative blog, which I actually stumbled across looking for watches. Your attire is all very stylish and you obviously have great attention for detail. I wonder if you plan the following day’s ensemble the night before?
    I live in the Carribean and no longer work in a corporate office, so these days have no real requirements for my suits and ties which is a shame as, like you, I enjoy looking smart. One or two favoured jackets make it out once in a while when occassion arises.
    I shall very much enjoy living vicariously through your ‘what I’m wearing today’ section.
    Kind regards!

    1. Dear David: Thank you for your compliments. I am very happy that you liked my blog. I personally take care of all my ensemble. You are absolutely right: I arrange the ensemble the night before but even then sometimes have to change the tie and pocket square. Thanks again, Shahzaman

      1. I can imagine with your extensive wardrobe, the combinations are almost endless. I fogot to mention, two uncles of mine are tailors themselves, they have been in business since 1906, when it was started by my great grandfather. These days not so many people go to the effort of having clothing made to measure, which is a shame. I was very amused to read that in your quest for a good tailor, you ended up actually owning your own operation.
        On the subject of watches, I happen to wear an old military issue Moeris pocket watch, serviced by a retired jeweller I know. I find the pocket watch goes with everything, and still causes a stir if I have to get it out to check the time too!

  28. Assalamualikum, your blog, website , pictures & style are excellent .
    I want to visit your your tailor / dreams zone.
    When you available in your shop ? I want visit when you available .
    Most of my dresses I wear by made f tailor. Most of our tailor make dresses in a common shape they don’t follow the body shape !!!

    1. I am normally at the Pan Pacific Shop between 5:30 and 7:30 pm. Call me at 01711547571 before you come to ensure my availability. Thank you very much for your comment and compliment. Shahzaman

  29. I find your blog very much interesting and also learn about latest man’s fashion, It also act as fashion guide. Thanks a lot

  30. Your blog answers many, many questions about mens clothing and style. The most comprehensive such source Ive come across. It is obviously a labour of love, and takes a lot of time and effort. My congratulations

  31. Dear Shahzaman,

    Recently I came across your blog and found it to be very interesting and informative. Now I regularly visit it to learn about men’s style.

    I am a bit late to become fond of good dressing and style but it’s always better to be late than never. Until now I just dressed up not caring much about style and good dressing. I didn’t buy new clothes for long time, shoes and other accessories. But recently I have developed interest in good dressing. Bought a navy blazer and new clothes. I am learning through your blog and other websites.

    I am planning to buy a watch. Please advise which brand is good for a decent priced watch, Kenneth Cole is one. Any other?

    I just want to know what is difference between a sports jacked and blazer. Is there fitting and fabric difference? Please inform in a couple of sentences.


    1. Dear Farza: Thank you for your comment. I believe it’s never too late. Take me for example, I was almost 45 when I knew what style is!

      A long time back (almost 20 years) a person I considered my mentor at that time gave me an advise. “If you want to buy something either buy utility or the best that you can afford. Don’t compromise in the middle.” Since then I doggedly follow this advise. These days however the role of a wrist-watch has changed. Wrist watches used to be for keeping time, but these days there are so many ways one may fulfill this need that watches for timekeeping is redundant. Wrist watches today are more like an ornament. Buy the best you can afford or use your mobile phone for time keeping (utility). To answer your question I need to know your age and your profession.

      Now, what is the difference between a sports coat and blazer?

      The major difference is in the fabric. Blazers tend to be of one color while Sports Jackets are normally patterned (check/stripes etc.) There is a good article in the Internet explaining the subtle difference among suit jacket, sports jacket (coat) and blazer. Here is the link: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2015/02/25/suit-sport-jacket-blazer-difference/
      Thanks again,
      Shahzaman Mozumder

      1. Thanks a lot for your reply. I am 43 and have the same profession as yours i.e IT. I am working as an IT executive.

  32. Referring to earlier post by me,I am planning to buy a watch. Please advise which brand is good for a decent priced watch, Kenneth Cole is one. Any other?
    I am 43 and have the same profession as yours i.e IT. I am working as an IT executive.

    1. Buy an automatic watch. Possible brands are Tag Hauer, Omega, Tissot, Bulova, etc. I for instance never buy new watches but go for used watches. A resanoble quality Omega Automatic watch would cost about 25-35 thousand Taka. A Tag about 20-30 thousand, Bulova about 15-20 thousand, Tissot about 10-20 thousand, etc., Please note that quartz watch prices are about 60% of automatic watches. If you love history, you may want to go for extinct watches like Favre Leuba, Camy, anglo swiss watch co., etc. The other possible brand could be a Rado. There are many models available in the market. I hope this helps you.

  33. Dear sir

    Take my salam.
    I want to buy a suite . I want to know the price range for the following suits ‘

    2 Button Gray full canvas suits with Ticket pocket, notch lapel and side vented and plain front trouser.
    fabric of the suits is 100% wool.

    Let me know the price.


    Masfiqur Rahman

  34. I am looking for a manufacturer of high quality made to measure suits – do you know any in Bangladesh. Thanks In advance

    1. There are a number of export oriented ready made suit factories in Bangladesh supplying to the markets of Europe and USA. However, I don’t know any “high-quality” made to measure suit makers in Bangladesh. At Dapper Bespoke we do make bespoke (full-canvas, all hand-sewn buttonholes, pure silk lined) suits. But our capacity-due to the artisanal nature of bespoke suit making-is rather limited. We could start a made-to-measure product line; however, in that case fine-tuning of a made-to-measure suit remains an issue. I am not sure if a suit could be branded “high-quality” in the absence of any trial fitting. Therefore, there has be some facilities for fitting and alteration at the delivery point. There are Internet based suit makers like suitsupply, indochino, etc., but I don’t know if they could be classified as “high-quality”.

      Thanks for your comment.


  35. Dear Mr. Mozumder,
    I visited your showroom a few days back, I was overwhelmed to see all the collections you have. Your tips will definitely bring in a lot of positive changes in my dress-up in near future. I just cannot wait to try the suit which was customized from your expert tips. Meantime I want to know about collar pin. I saw you wearing one and it caught my eyes. Now for collar pin do I have to make separate shirts with holes in it in the Collar or regular shirts would do? Also, can you please also tell where I can find collections of Collar pin?
    My height is 5feet 6inch, so with Blue Suit should I go for Black shoes or Brown shoes in Dinner party.
    Looking forward to listen from you.

    1. Dear Sifat: There are basically two types of collar pins: You need perforated collars to wear collar pins. The “safety pin” type collar pin may be worn with a standard collar but it’s better to have perforated collars. We make shirts with perforated collars. Also, we have a selection of collar pins in our Pan Pacific outlet.

      About color of shoes. Your height does not matter in selecting the color of shoes. Both are appropriate. I like wearing brown shoes with blue suits. But for very formal occasions a pair of black oxfords may be preferable.
      Thanks for your comment, Shahzaman

  36. Dear Mr. Mozumder sir:

    Finding this place with everything I love was a great moment. Seeing useful style statements for helping people are amazing & this blog has just hunted me for a lots of curiosity & Interest for something lovely I want to be more. Thank you very much. Recently I was thinking to buy new suits for my professional purpose. I am working as a Sales Team Manager with a very respected financial service institution & very often I use to visit corporate C-suits, top citizens as special attachments with my junior staffs. I attend meeting with my divisional heads & even with my CEO. I’m a 35 yr guy, dark, 5’4″, heavy & got some weight over my abdomen, got well trimmed mustache, black hair full on my sculp. Would you please suggest me with few kind words regarding my new suit? I need basic suit & shirts. My budget for suit may go upto 20K & shirt is under different budget. Should I go to the dapper bespoke or would you suggest other place else? Your kind reply would help me lot also. Please take care.

    1. Dear Mr. Rana:

      Thank you for your kind comments.
      The first five suits for a gentleman should by as follows:

      1. Navy blue
      2. Charcoal gray
      3. Medium gray
      4. Light gray, and
      5. Dark brown

      I do not recommend a black suit because one should not wear a black suit during the day. All the suit colors mentioned above may be worn both during day and night.

      All the above suits should be single breasted, 2-button, notch-lapel.

      All the suit colors mentioned may be worn by everybody. However, what color of shirt to wear with the above suits depend on the “contrast-level” of a person.

      People can be broadly divided into three contrast levels. Low, Medium, and High.

      Read this Internet article to understand how to use skin tone information:

      Suit prices: Average suit prices are as follows:

      2-piece suit, half-canvas suits are between Taka 18,000 and Tk 35,000.
      2-piece suit, full-canvas suits are between Taka 25,000 and Taka 55,000.

      We need a minimum of 21 days to complete a suit.

      Thanks, Shahzaman

  37. Dear Mr Mozumder,

    I would like to get some advise from you. I am a very short guy which makes me unhappy . I am 5 fit half inch guy with 32′ inch chest! I guess it’s sound horrible to you! I am searching a nice suit for me , unfortunately It seems my suit does not exist because of my height.
    I have tried many stores such as River Island , Zara, Next , Primark , BHS, Davenhams all most everything. I can not look for men suits because of my height, I only go to kid sections . Unfortunately I did not like most of them and what I liked , those suits was not in my size! I really need to buy a suit for attending my friend’s wedding on 16th December. My height is making me so frustrated . Would you mind giving me some advise please?

    Kind Regards


    1. Dear Rash: Our height is determined by our genetic code and unfortunately we have no control over it. However, that does not mean you are barred from dressing appropriately. The purpose of clothing–particularly of a suit–is to hide the defects of our body and make us appear more pleasing to the eyes. The most appropriate solution for you would be to go for a bespoke (alternatively a made-to-measure) suit.

      I would make the following recommendations:

      Let us define “short” as any height below 5 feet 2 inches. If this is the case, then you may want to consider the following:

      The guideline is that the observer’s eyes must move smoothly and there must not be anything attention grabbing in the ensemble. When the eyes move smoothly, it creates an illusion of height.
      Solid colors are fine and avoid bold checks and bold textures.
      Avoid contrasts and go for harmony.
      Don’t wear anything that has horizontal lines.
      Wear closely spaced vertical checks or solids.
      When using pocket squares, don’t use TV folds, which create a horizontal line on the chest. Instead use a point fold, pointing upwards.
      A short man’s problem maybe that the head looks too big compared to the body. If this is the case, ensure that your hairstyle does not accentuate the largeness of your head. To compensate for the large head, the jacket will need to have substantial shoulder padding and don’t use suits with natural shoulders.
      Try to avoid jackets and trousers of different colors. Instead, wear a suit for color harmony. The dark and light combination only serves to cut you in half and draws attention to your small stature.
      Your dresses must be in proportion to your body. Have a shorter length jacket (just cover the bottom curve of the buttocks)
      Wear your trousers at the natural waist and it’s better that they be un-cuffed, un-pleated, and straight cut.
      To give a sleeker look, consider jackets without flapped pockets.
      Never have a jacket ticket pocket.
      Never wear very thick soled shoes.
      If your neck is too short, wear tailor made shirts with shorter collars (the collar’s size must be in proportion to your neck length.
      Always maintain good straight posture.
      Also ensure that your lapels and ties are in proportion to your height. Don’t wear very wide lapels and ties.
      Fitting is important and use fitted cloth.
      Most of your suits should be two buttons. Avoid three buttons (or more buttons) suits.
      A jacket with a thinner peak lapel is more appropriate than a notch lapel.
      The shirt cuff display rule of one inch do not apply to shorter man. It should be maximum half inch.
      Consider slanted jacket pockets instead of more traditional straight pockets.
      Be warned that most advertising is done with tall models and they may not look good on shorter men.
      Wear your ensemble with confidence.

      Dear Rash, hope the above guidelines help. Thanks,


  38. Dear Sir

    I will be travelling to Dhaka in January to launch a new technology business in Bangladesh. I had stumbled upon your blog by accident however I have found it to be very informative and also very interesting. I would like to invite you to the British High Commision as my guest. As you are also a war hero I would take great pride if you could attend. Look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Anis Miah

  39. Greetings from Greece! Sir, I love your style. Even though I am young (I am 20), I really admire this classic, elegant air you project. Your choices are really beautiful, and I am glad that you are not another victim of today’s fashion that wants men to wear clothes that don’t fit them, skin-tight pants or suits that look like you’ve just swam in the river with the clothes on. Perfect… keep going (or dressing).

  40. Dear Sir

    Obviously as you are one of the foremost experts on suits and proper men’s dressing in Bangladesh, I am writing to you here in much dire need and desperation. My wedding reception is due in 2 months but I am having a lot of trouble choosing a proper suit which I thought would have been a stroll since there are so many men’s wear chains and tailors in Bangladesh. Unfortunately after visiting most of them I found them to be be okay for attending someone’s wedding program or attending official programs but not good or exclusive enough to be wearing for my own wedding. I have visited the usual places for suits such as Ferdous, Fit Elegance, Raymond’s Etc. but surprisingly not one of them have materials that I could pull off exclusive. I have decided to go for a dark blue or navy blue suite but sadly the fabric materials seem not exclusive enough. Could you please recommend me any where else i could try to get better materials and also good tailoring. I am really in a great confusion here and some expert advice from such a classy and respected man of good taste would really help me out.

    I am also open any suggestions you make for a wedding reception (my overall budget is around 30K for suit, beyond that I think its worthless as per the options I observed in current market).

    Eagerly awaiting your response.

    Thanks for your time and Regards
    M Asif Zahir

    1. Dear Asif: I am happy to know that you are getting married. Congratulations! A wedding suit is a special suit and needs to be carefully chosen. However, with a budget of 30k, I don’t think you can expect much from the suit because good woolen fabric cost about 7-8 k per yard and 3.5 yards are required for a suit. Therefore, fabric price alone would be about 24,500 to 28,000. There are also more expensive fabric available in the market. Now you have to add tailoring on top of that. Tailoring charges range from Taka 5,000 to Taka 16,000 per suit depending on which tailor you use. The tailor I use, Dapper Bespoke which I own. At Dapper tailoring charges are Taka 16,000 for a full-canvas hand-made pure silk lined handcrafted suit. Therefore, a suit there would cost you at lease Taka 41,000. You will also need a shirt, tie, pocket square, a pair of cuff links and studs, and a pair of shoes and socks to go with your suit.

      For color of the wedding suit, go with blue or charcoal. These two are the most popular color of suits for men. You will not go wrong with a dark blue or navy 2-button suit. If you want to go with a tuxedo, you will need to add another 10k on top of the 41k for the suit.

      It is also possible to get a suit at 30k at Dapper but that suit is not going to be anything special.

      Dapper is located at the lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, 107 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka. If you want to visit Dapper call me a 01711-547571 for guidance.



  41. Hi there Mr. Mozumder.

    I’m really glad I found your site, I’m an Analyst at a venture capital fund and despite the laid-back culture, we keep it quite conservative dress-wise. It’s quite hard to find serious style blogs, especially those with outfits that are actually practical to wear to the officeI love your style and your outfits would fit right in with what the Partners at my firm wear. There are so many style blogs but they’re often run (and I don’t know if they’re also targeted towards) people who probably don’t work in a traditional office, and a lot of the looks would get you laughed out of the room or make you look like an overdressed/flamboyant fop. I’m so happy to find a blog run by someone who works for a living, and actually wears those outfits to face clients and co-workers. Anyway, keep up the great work and I’m definitely taking notes on how to dress from your outfits!

  42. Greetings from India! Sir…my search for vintage west end watches led to your blog. Am I glad it did. What wonderful collection of vintage Swiss watches you have sir!You have truly inspired me to emulate your collection. How and when did this fascination with watches start?. Your shoes and suits too are fabulous. You carry your ensemble with such graceful confidence.

  43. Hello your Excellency! The emperor of Style, the King of Dhaka 🙂

    I am your namesake Shazaman Nizam, without the “H” you see. I came across your blog through quite an interesting series of events… I Love your collection and most of all the confidence that exudes from within. I Congratulate you on your Style sir. I am a Massive style enthusiast and a firm believer in the power of looking Great!

    I’m a young man of 30, just starting off with my own collection of suits, shoes, lapel pins, ties & pocket squares. I have a few questions I would like to ask you regarding style and also regarding some interesting events. I’m a leading Retail Therapist and Branding expert, a Canadian National born in Sri Lanka with plans to visit Dhaka within the next few weeks. It would be great if I could contact you through email. Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂
    Shazaman (The future king of Colombo)

    1. Dear Shahzaman (without the “h”): Thanks for your compliments. If I go back to when I was 30, I wanted to be well dressed but unfortunately I did not know how to. At the beginning most of the suits were very cheap from Bangkok tailors (US$ 100 for a suit and two shirts!). A few ready made shits from Hong Kong, Etc. I did not know many of the subtleties of being well attired. But I was learning and when I thought we knew a bit, I wanted to share my knowledge and know-how with the younger generation so that they are better prepared than I was.

      I once received a very valuable advise from one of my well wishers. He tole me, “Shahzaman, when you buy something either buy the best you can afford or buy utility. Never buy anything in-between because if you do you will always lose.” I try to follow this advise whenever possible. Think about it when you purchase something it may be helpful to remember that. Anyway, you are most welcome to contact me over email or phone (when in Dhaka). My personal e-mail is shahzaman.mozumder@gmail.com and my cell number of +88-01711547571. Thanks,


  44. Mr Mozumbder,

    I have just found this blog and must congratulate your good self upon showing how to carry one self with style and confidence, the first leading to an increased feeling of the latter. Too many men think it wrong to look at ones best regardless of the time of day or occasion. You are showing us that it is ok to be smart and well groomed. I will avidly follow you blog from now on. I am also a huge admirer of the time pieces you have about your person each day.

    Thank you

  45. Dear Mr. Mozumder

    Good day! I am terribly upset with the quality of tailoring offered by the so-called upscale tailor shops in Dhaka, and believe me, I tried many of them. I have wasted enough money trying out suits, shirts and trousers with these tailors. I had a few bespoke shirts and trousers made in the UK, and those were just perfect. I thought I would find at least one tailor shop in Dhaka similar to that of the UK from where I made may clothes, but could not find any. I came across your blog and found out about Dapper Bespoke. It seems all your clothes are made from there. Do you own this shop? I would like to give it a try. Should I just come in or need to make an appointment? Is it open on Friday?

    I look forward to your reply. I appreciate your blog and cordial responses to all. You do stand out among all with your style statement in a country where it is very difficult to find well-dressed people.

    Best wishes

    M F Chowdhury

    1. Dear Mr. Chowdhury:

      Thank you for your compliments. I came up with the idea of Dapper because I was very dissatisfied with the tailoring standard of Bangladesh. Western tailoring came to Bangladesh (or India) with the British. As long as it was a British colony, tailors/cutters were mainly British. With the popularity of western attire in India, some local establishments were also cropped up. However, the cuts, style, workmanship, etc., were guided by links to Britain.

      With the departure of the British, at the beginning, during the period of 1947-1970, tailoring standards were quite good because the cutters/tailors learned their skills directly from the British through apprenticeship. Most of these tailors/cutters were illiterate and as a result subsequent generations of tailors learned imperfectly. Moreover, the advent of cheaper fused suits (as opposed to full-canvas suits) further compromised the art of suit making.

      Dapper is an effort to recreate those almost lost suit making skills.

      It has been three years of Dapper and we are getting better everyday. I think we can claim our current suits are well made and better than others in Bangladesh.

      It is better that I be present during the ordering process because our cutters are not good communicators. I am normally in the shop from 6 pm to 7;30 pm. You can also reach me at 01711-547571 for an appointment.


      1. Thank you very much Mr. Mozumder for your reply with such precise information. I will text you soon (my number ends with 0000) for an appointment.

  46. Dear Sir,
    Good day. Hope you are doing great actually you are doing great.
    Sir I become a fan of you.
    Sir, I have a question that are you fond of antique watch? I followed that most of the time you wear antique wrist watch.

  47. Dear Mr. Mozumder

    I just got to know about your GREAT venture in Bangladesh. I was surfing through internet on how to buy a tuxedo (complete package) in Bangladesh and found your site. Now if I wish, can I have a proper tuxedo from your shop?


  48. Hello Sir, I stumbled upon your website this morning and must say you are doing an awesome job representing mature desi men. I don’t know much about you but I do know that the way a man dresses and carries himself says a lot about his character. Along with your great fashion sense, I noticed your keen eye for watches. Do you have a section on your website or hash tag displaying your watch collection? Looking forward to seeing something like that if you get the chance to do so.

    Take care,
    Ken Christian

    1. Dear Ken, thank you for your compliments. I am soon going to post photos all my watches in this blog. I am just waiting for a opportune moment to take the photographs. Cheers, shahzaman

  49. Hello,
    I’ve been visiting your website and we are really interested in cooperating with you. We are funny socks online retailer who design and produce socks all by ourselves. We woiuld like promote our products on your website. Do you have a media pack? Or any advertising plan? If not, we’d lke to propose our blogger affliate plan here https://sock.fools-day.com/pages/fashion-blogger-program. If you are interested in our plan or if you have any other idea, please reply me soon.

  50. Respected Sir,
    You are my fashion icon.
    Sir I serve in defence . So I stay out of Dhaka city.
    If you kindly give me an appointment in your fashion house, I will be highly inspired.

    Sir I sent message to you in message.


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