Dress Shoes

Check out Wikipedia article on shoe here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shoe

Dress shoe types

  1. Oxford (Balmorals)
  2. Derby (Bluchers)
  3. Brogue (Wingtip)
  4. Monk/Double Monk
  5. Pumps/Loafers
  1. Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are also known as Balmorals in America. This is the most formal of all shoes for men.

Figure 1: Oxford (Captoe)

The oxford is a laced shoe. The simplest shoes are the most formal. Any decoration such as brogueing makes the shoes less formal. The most formal color is black.

  1. Derby shoes

Derby shoes are known as Bluchers in America. These shoes are very similar to oxfords; the only difference is that while oxfords are closed-laced, the derby shoes are open laced. Oxford shoes do not have leather flaps which are closed by a lace; instead the laces close a gap in the middle of the shoe.

Figure 2: Derby Shoe

  1. Monk Shoes

Monk shoes do not have laces. Instead the shoes are closed by belts and buckles. Monk shoes may have one, two, or three belts known respectively as monk (1 belt), double monk (2 belts) and triple monk (3 belts).

  1. Brogue (Wingtip)

Brogues shoes are shoes with decorative perforations. Brogue shoes are normally oxfords or derbies. Technically, however, any type of shoe can be brogued.

Figure 3: Brogue (Oxford) Figure 4: Brogue (Derby)
  1. Slip-on shoes/Pumps/Loafers

These are typically lace-less shoes for mostly informal wear.

Figure 5: Pump Shoe Figure 6: Loafers
Figure 7:Tussel Loafers Figure 8: Boat Shoe

7 thoughts on “Dress Shoes

  1. Dear Sir,

    Could you please tell me, is it suitable to wear monk shoes or loafers in the job interview.

    Thanks & Regards
    Tanjibul Hasan

    1. I wold not wear a loafer for a job interview. I love monks and would wear one, particularly if I am not wearing a blazer/trousers combination. A pair of oxfords will be more appropriate with s business suit. However, the preceding suggestions are for professional interviews for senior positions. For entry level job interviews I think any combination would be acceptable. No flip flops please.

    1. Geay suits are very versatile and you may wear both brown and black shoes. However, at night a pair of black shoes may be more appropriate. What color are the suit buttons? I tend to match the button colors of the suit unless they are neutral.

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