How to wear seersucker suits

Seersucker is ideal for the hot and humid summer months. Seersucker fabric is made of cotton and half lined jackets are particularly appropriate for summer.

This is how I wear my seersucker suits:

Seersucker 1

Seersucker 2

Seersucker 3

Seersucker 4

Seersucker 5

Seersucker 6

Seersucker 7

Seersucker 8 Seersucker 9

Seersucker 10

Seersucker 16

Seersucker 15

Seersucker 12

Seersucker 11

4 thoughts on “How to wear seersucker suits

    1. A seersucker summer jacket will cost Taka 15,000 (price of fabric and tailoring) at Dapper Bespoke located at the Lobby of Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel, 107 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka.

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