8 thoughts on “Shoe and suit matching guide

  1. Sir,
    What colour formal shirt and pant can be worn with light brown formal shoes- more of tan/yellowish brown (not aware of the actual shade of the brown, sorry. Would have been better if I could post a photo)?
    And can you suggest which colour suit will look best with it?

      1. Generally, any lighter color shirt should be appropriate. For example, white, light, light-pink, etc. However, it is also important to know your contrast scale. The contrast level of a person is determined by the color of hair, face, and sometimes teeth. People fall into three contrast levels, Low-contrast, medium-contrast, and high-contrast. For example, these days I am low contrast because the color of mu hair and the color of my face are somewhat similar. Because I am low-contrast I should wear low-contrast clothing. For example, today I am wearing a blue suit, a blue/white striped tie, and a navy/red striped tie. Note that all are in the same color range. This is an example of low contrast ensemble. High contrast for me would have been a black suit and a white shirt. Or blue suit and yellow shirt, etc. I will not look good in high contrast clothing because in that case my low-contrast hair/face will get hidden by the high contrast ensemble. Most Bangladeshi people and medium contrast. Medium contrast people have more latitude in dressing as they can wear both high and low contrast ensemble. High contrast are those having black hair and very fair skin–not very common for Bangladesh. For details read this article http://www.atailoredsuit.com/understanding-contrast-shirt-color-selection.html
        Thanks, Shahzaman

  2. Hello Mr Shahzaman,
    I will be giving presentation in my university next month.
    My dress codes are the following.
    Suit:Deep grey check
    Shoes: oxford black
    Tie:checked sky tie
    But is it okay to wear pocket square since its a formal academic presentation and if yes how should infold it
    And also should my tie be plain black or dark navy/skycheck?

    1. Dear Mahdi:

      I think a white linen pocket square in a radio fold should be fine. Why are you assuming that a pocket square is out of place in a formal settting? A white linen pocket square is the most versatile pocket square and may be used with any combination of shirt color and tie. Thanks, Shahzaman

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