Style Fundamentals

  1. Always match the color of your belt and shoes.
  2. Match the color of your socks with the trouser and not the shoe.
  3. Never wear a dirty shoe. Always polish your shoes
  4. Coordinate (not match) the colors of your shit, shirt, tie and pocket square.
  5. Never wear identical tie and pocket square.
  6. If you must match, match the color of your pocket square with the color of your shirt.
  7. Know the difference between formal and informal shoes.
  8. When wearing suits, make sure it fits you properly.
  9. Know the jacket buttoning rules. For two button suit fasten top button leave last button unfastened. For three button suits, either fasten the first two buttons and leave the third and last unbuttoned,, or only fasten the middle button and leave the other two unbuttoned.
  10. Always unbutton while seated.
  11. Be aware of personal hygiene.
  12. Dress for the occasion. It’s often better to be overdressed than underdressed.

4 thoughts on “Style Fundamentals

  1. Can I wear a tan linen suit to a wedding tomorrow? I live in Pittsburgh and it will rainy and 70 degrees.

    1. Since you live in Pittsburgh where temperature can go down as low as -14f and max at around 85, I would say a tan linen suit should be ideal for a day wedding when it’s 22f. Wear it with gusto.

  2. Hi King of Dhaka. I’m a younger version of yourself. I’m moving from Singapore to NYC – any advice on the fashion scene there?

    1. Dear Kappy: I took a while to respond to your comment–sorry for that. The reason of the delay was to recollect my thoughts about the few visits to NY over the last few years. My visits were limited mostly to Manhattan and occasionally to Bronx. Therefore, I am really not qualified to make authoritative comments on the NYC fashion scene. My two cents are to be honest, I was not impressed about the sense of style in NY. I found few well dressed people there. European males have better dress sense than Americans.



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