What I am wearing today (16 January 2013)

Today I am wearing an ash-gray double-breasted suit (6X1), a blue/white striped shirt with French cuffs, a maroon silk tie with small light blue flower patterns, a red silk pocket square with small blue dots, a pair of brown whole-cut oxfords, and a vintage Swiss Army Automatic day/date watch in stainless steel.

By the way, how many of you have noticed that the color of wood-ash is not uniform. The color actually depend, among others,  on the type of wood being burned. Therefore, the term “ash-gray” actually includes a spectrum of colors and the color of today suit is one of those colors.












Swiss Army Automatic day date stainless steel

What I am wearing today (26 November 2012)

Today I am wearing a light gray 3-piece suit with a blue/white striped shirt with French cuffs, a blue silk tie with small woven pink paisley designs, a printed silk pocket square in blue and golden motifs, a pair of brown oxford shoes and a 1960 vintage “retro” Favre Leuba DUOMATIC (automatic) watch with day and date. For some unknown reason, I find the design of this watch very appealing.