What I am wearing today (5 July 2012)

Today is a Thursday and as previous Thursdays, I am wearing a jacket/trousers combination. Today it’s a white and gray striped linen, notch-lapel, 2-button blazer matched with a dark gray trousers. A white cotton shirt with tabbed-collars and french cuffs, a silk tie with pink window panes, and a pink pocket square with blue borders completes the ensemble. In my opinion only a pair of black shoes are suitable with the above combination. Consequently, today I am wearing a pair of plain cap-toed shoes.

Today, I am wearing a 1940 vintage West End Watch Co., Sowar, Prima, manual winding with with a bonklip-imitation bracelet.

Also, today I was attending an event on IT Security organized by the Bangladesh Banking CTO forum, IBM, and my company. Some of the photographs are with some of the event participants.



What I am wearing today (4 July 2012)

Today I am wearing a 2-button, notch-lapel, black in black pattern suit; a white shirt with James Bond Cuff (aka Cocktail Cuffs); a black and white striped tie; a white linen pocket square; a pair of black cap-toed oxford shoes; and a vintage West End Watch Company, Sowar, Prima, Day/Date, two-tone automatic watch with a black dial.

Today’s photographs were taken at my harberdasher’s.